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Workforce Optimization Software Articles

  • Verint, EMC Announce Interoperability Pact
    Both companies acknowledged that with Verint's expertise in helping organizations capture, analyze and act on customer and business intelligence, it became a natural next step to advance its WFO certification and interoperability with EMC ECS.
  • Texting: The Next Big Step in Workforce Optimization
    Every company wants to maximize the potential of its workforce, as it all comes down to simple dollars and sense; more productive workers equal higher profits. This is especially true in contact centers, where more calls answered successfully can translate into higher customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Workforce Optimization, Social Media Combine for Customer Satisfaction
    Further, in an added option the monitor can immediately assure the customer that the next time they entered the store, they would have a more satisfactory experience. Perhaps offering an incentive, like a 30 percent off coupon, might help them get what they are looking for at a fantastic discount. The customer is then advised to keep the store in the loop on any future experiences.
  • Apps Like Facebook Messenger are Changing the Contact Center Game Again
    The fact that the contact center industry has been irrevocably changed since the dawn of digital communications is well-tread territory at this point.

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Virtual Observer WFO: Training to Optimization

Featured Whitepapers

  • Creating Accurate Forecasts in Enterprise Workforce Management
    Social networks have changed business. This goes without saying. But what social networks also have done is highlight the fundamental importance of the customer experience when it comes to product and brand marketing.
  • Top 10 Ways To Boost Contact Center Agent Performance
    This white paper touches on the ways your contact center can improve agent performance by using a call recording and quality monitoring solution. Improving agent performance has many benefits, including creating a healthy work environment, where teams of agents can collectively strive to achieve common goals. It also makes sense that improved agent performance will also yield an improved customer experience.
  • Benefits of Call Recording & Call Monitoring for a Call Center
    This white paper touches on the many benefits your call center will receive when choosing to implement a call recording and call monitoring system. Beyond compliance concerns, there are also quality assurance gains to be leveraged from your recorded calls. Your recordings become assets, an inventory of data from which you can find emerging trends, performance flaws, identify your team's superstars, and ultimately, maximize your center's opportunities creating an environment of stellar customer service.