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Key Business Questions that Call Tracking and Recording Can Help You Answer

September 12, 2012
By Amanda Ciccatelli - TMCnet Web Editor

To answer that, Laura Noonan, a 19 year veteran in the SMB market, recently shared with some insight into using call tracking and recording to make the best business decisions.  Noonan leads the marketing teams at 800response and CallFinder, delivering telecommunications solutions and web-based marketing technology tools including sophisticated Call Routing platforms, real-time Call Tracking, Custom 800 Number service, and Call Monitoring services including Call Recording and speech analytics.

From her experience with a company that thoroughly tracks every lead, sale, and marketing program to the last detail, she knows how time-consuming call tracking can be. Noonan believes there are a lot of businesses that simply do not have enough resources to track the source of every incoming lead and call, and the results of those calls. So, businesses are turning to call tracking services to gather the data and provide it in a digestible way.

According to Noonan, call tracking provides insights to answer important business questions such as:

·         Are we missing potential sales calls, and how does the sales team get those callers back?

·         Are we spending our marketing and advertising dollars effectively and in the right places?

·         How can we improve our employee training programs to reduce turn-over?

·         On average, how many unique, new leads do we have each month?

·         What are our customers telling us they need and want from our service?

·         What markets are we most successful in, and where are our advertising not being effective?

·         How do we keep a pulse on what our competitors are doing?

With a call tracking system combined with call recording technology, a business can answer these questions easily because the information is available in real-time, so data is updated and available for easy reporting and analysis.

Noonan explains,” For example, tracking and recording services will alert you of missed calls, provide data on the cost-per-lead of an advertising campaign, capture customer conversations and provide insight into how well front line employees are handling calls and if they are following a company sales script.”

Call tracking reports segment data and provide evidence to support marketing, customer service process, and business decisions. “Having access to this in-depth data empowers you with accurate business intelligence and eliminates the guesswork and uncertainty about employee and customer behaviors,” explains Noonan.

To ensure you get the data you need without the high costs of hardware and software installation, Noonan suggests starting by identifying a service provider with a solid reputation – one for developing innovative technology enhancements, and that knows what companies need to address customer-facing business challenges.

To ensure that your business stays competitive, you need the ability to track every lead, sales and customer experience in order to answer key questions about your business.

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Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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