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TantaComm's Virtualization of Call Recording and Compliance Platform Reduces TCO

September 17, 2012
By Amanda Ciccatelli - TMCnet Web Editor

Recently, the term “virtualization” has become somewhat of a buzzword. When it comes to cloud computing, virtualization refers to creating a virtual version of a device or resource, such as a server, storage device, network or even an operating system where the framework divides the resource into one or more execution environments. Devices, applications and users are able to interact with the virtual resource as if it were a real single, logical resource.

TantaComm (News - Alert), a provider of interaction recording, call compliance, and quality management solutions for BPOs, has introduced its production implementation of virtualized infrastructure to support its solutions platform.  This new technology has an immediate impact on current as well as prospective customers by minimizing investment in physical hardware by capitalizing on clients' existing infrastructure.

As a recognized provider of compliance recording and quality management solutions for BPOs, TantaComm has had 18 years of success in minimizing risk, enhancing the customer experience, improving quality performance, and streamlining service delivery and administration for some of the world's largest BPOs in the world.

"Each step within our software development process is designed around not only making well-designed and feature-rich products, but also understanding how to leverage the latest technologies, streamline the implementation process, and drive down the cost structure for our customers," said Nick Morris, vice president of Information Technology, in a statement.

With virtualization, customers get a variety of features, including a minimal physical footprint and infrastructure resource pooling, the ability to use customer's existing infrastructure for additional cost reduction, utilization of failover and high availability configurations, and a streamlined implementation process resulting in an ability to get customers up and running efficiently.

Additionally, virtualization gives customers added flexibility by leveraging the TantaComm IQ product suite, consisting of Capture, Protect, Evaluate, and Centralize features.  The suite provides interaction recording, compliance enablement, quality management and operational aggregation solutions to help call center operations overcome unique challenges.

Morris continued, "Building on significant progress achieved over the past year to minimize the physical footprint, we are now also offering clients the ability to leverage their pre-existing internal infrastructure."

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Edited by Jamie Epstein

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