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Call Recording Made Easy with BlackBerry

October 31, 2012
By Robbie Pleasant - TMCnet Contributor

Call recording has become a feature few would pass on, given the choice. From saving vital business calls to examining customer satisfaction, there are many ways that call recording can help one’s business. Many companies are looking for new ways to record calls, such as on mobile devices.

One device that’s stepping up to meet its customers’ call recording needs is BlackBerry (News - Alert), with the Mobile Voice System made to integrate with a business’s corporate call recording platforms. It has no client software to install, the IT administrator just configures the BlackBerry smartphones so that business calls are routed through the corporate PBX (News - Alert) and recorded.

There are some more benefits to routing the calls through the corporate PBX such as a caller ID displaying the same identity as that of the company in question. Rather than seeing some unrecognized number, whomever you’re calling will know it’s a call from your company. There’s also cost savings as there’s no software to install or upgrate.

As mobile calls are recorded the same way as landline calls, the administrative controls remain the same; no additional effort is needed to keep track of in-office and mobile calls. Additionally, this leads to greater security due to centralized control.

However, keep in mind that this is designed for business devices. If you use your phone for personal calls, you should be ready to have those recorded too. It may be difficult in a BYOD environment, but if you use a BlackBerry for business calls, it’s almost a necessity.

BlackBerry’s Mobile Voice System makes call recording on mobile devices a simple task, while keeping the calls secure. It’s more reliable than installing client software, not to mention requires less work and doesn’t need anyone to key in any additional numbers to be sent through a recorded line. For business calls, it’s not only convenient, it can prove vital.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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