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Natterbox Gets NICE Call Recording

December 18, 2012
By Robbie Pleasant - TMCnet Contributor

Some nice news from Natterbox, as it has unveiled that its solutions are integrating the NICETrading Recording solution. This solution from NICE Systems (News - Alert) provides on-premise storage of calls from fixed or mobile phones, without needing to replace the existing recording infrastructure. Furthermore, this helps keep Natterbox compliant with the Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulations on mobile call recording.

With the NICETrading Recording solution, customers can leverage their current recording infrastructure, while gaining the flexibility they need when selecting a smart client provider. Meanwhile, Natterbox’s network-based mobile call recording service has no need for apps, software, or individual device configuration, providing cloud-based voice services to make a better telephone experience.

The two are great choices for integration, providing on-premise call storage without having to install anything new or change the existing system in any way. Organizations will have a complete voice recording solution no matter where they are, providing convenience and FSA compliance.

"Services such as mobile call recording were traditionally complex and inflexible,” says Yaron Morgenstern, General Manager of the Trading Floor Line of Business at NICE. “The Natterbox integration with NICE Trading Recording gives our customers flexibility that more and more businesses are looking for. It offers another way to store mobile call recordings onsite and access them anytime, anywhere."

Both Natterbox and NICE Systems have nice track records going for them, so Natterbox made a nice decision to integrate the NICETrading Recording solution. Call recording is very important, not to mention all the ways it helps with data collection, business processes, and more. Natterbox customers will certainly appreciate the new call recording capabilities it has as a result.

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Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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