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Virtual Console Soothes Organizations with Additions to Small Equipment Portfolio

December 27, 2012
By Mini Swamy - TMCnet Contributor

Technology has made great strides and literally taken the world by storm, IT infrastructures have become more robust, but increasing business liabilities, legal compliance and need for greater accountability, have added more headaches to organizations.

Virtual Console, known for its new state of the art duplication product line, has helped to iron out some increases by enhancing its portfolio of small-office equipment to include call recording and appointment reminder solutions, noted officials. By introducing its ISDN PRI call recording appliance and Four Analog Line Appointment Reminder, the company hopes to help organizations archive all inbound and outbound calls, retrieve them at will, and also help automatically manage customer appointments and improve customer satisfaction.

With the increasing need to keep records to provide proof of calls and also meet legal requirements, the company’s DS1-1 call recorder allows users to listen in to live calls, search and capture telephone numbers and names and also encrypt the calls. In addition, they can be saved for any duration of time as Wav files. The advantage of saving them in that format is that they can be used as legal evidence if required.

Call recording is a powerful, useful, and an integral tool for many businesses. Increased liabilities underscore the need to keep records of calls, make employees more accountable and also help effectively train and supervise new employees.

The company’s AR-4FXO appointment reminder is useful in places where schedules and appointments matter. With built-in calendar and scheduling system, the tool can not only deliver personalized messages to individuals to a predefined list of phone numbers at specific times but can also play custom announcements regarding upcoming appointments or events. With the ability to call 50 users in one hour over a single phone line, AR-4FXO can call 200 users in the same time.

More importantly, it offers flexible integration with existing office management software and an be connected to a regular analog phone line. This has been designed to save money, reduce no-show appointments and improve the company’s bottom line.

With these latest additions, Virtual Console does seem to have moved a notch higher as an innovative telecommunications manufacturer.

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Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli

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