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TeleWare Releases New Application to Upgrade its Call Recording Suites

February 25, 2013
By Ashley Caputo - TMCnet Web Editor

As the mobility trend surges on the market, it is vital that companies create products and solutions that incorporate mobile capabilities, especially if they are work-related.

TeleWare, a U.K.-based communications vendor, has already embraced this revelation with its TeleWare (News - Alert) Mobile, TeleWare Mobile Compliance Call Recording and SMS suite solutions. Since call recording has become such a vital part of all industries, even those that are government-related, it is important that TeleWare constantly updates its products to provide the utmost mobility functionality, which is why it just released a new application to provide streamlined access to stored call records.

TeleWare is a supplier of communication solutions for mobile businesses, delivered from the cloud as software services, on-premises equipment or managed solutions.

According to Danny Hensby, product manager for TeleWare Mobile, there is a strong demand for easy and secure access to stored records that has increased when the company began to release mobile capable solutions for the financial sector.

"We are making the new application, which brings an enhanced look and feel to the underlying functionality, immediately available to all our mobile customers and training has already been rolled out," said Hensby.

There have been many efforts from national regulators to push call recording functionalities into everyday operations, especially as an important part of Financial Instruments. As European regulations such as the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MIFIF) began mandating call recording for security purposes, it is important these solutions can be accessed from any location.

TeleWare’s applications integrate mobile telephone and help businesses control its enter enterprise voice estate without having to purchase any new technology, mobile clients, Wi-Fi or any special hardware. Its solutions have interoperability to enable easy integrations, with all different kinds of PBX (News - Alert) and application vendors.

Along with the new applications, TeleWare will release a series of enhancements to its solutions throughout the year to assist administrators further with their productivity.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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