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The Secret Weapon: Call Recording Goes Beyond Customer Feedback

January 24, 2014
By Michelle Amodio - TMCnet Contributor

From the customer side of things, it’s common knowledge that call recording is something companies use as a means for monitoring and quality assurance to make sure the customer experience is up to snuff. But from the business side of operations, call recording does so much more.

As anyone who’s called into a contact center may know, call recording technology provides customers with an outlet to give feedback, both positive and negative, as well as save it “on the record”—so to speak. By having this information recorded and stored, managers can analyze the data for future products, services and overall performance analytics. This sort of information is crucial in improving customer service, but it also lends to enhanced business success.

Call recording is an essential tool in the contact center. With it, managers can stay up to speed on agent performance—how calls are being handled, whether or not they’re being accurately routed, or if a problem arises, how to use the information for future calls.

Beyond that, call recording can offer a lot of data to provide deeper insight, which in turn allows companies to more effectively improve upon business functions, customer service and overall efficiency.

With call recording, businesses can take an active part in their own risk reduction. Voice and data gathering can protect against fraud, resolve legal disputes, provide accuracy of verbal communications and monitor threatening calls.

Perhaps you’re a business that offers services, and as such you require accurate information for scheduling and appointment setting. Call recording can help capture this information for data entry, and is available for playback in the event there are discrepancies or misunderstandings.

Maybe you’ve just launched a marketing campaign and are in need of some metrics to see whether or not said campaign has been successful or not. Call recording offers a way to assess the quality of marketing campaigns so you’ll know where to invest your time and money in the future.

Above all else, call recording allows managers to evaluate service levels to ensure customers are getting high quality support to build loyalty.

Organizations are quickly learning that voice and data recording can be a great resource in improving a company's productivity, financial performance and customer service. Call recording is utilized in many different industries including public safety, financial, healthcare, call centers, education and more, and provides valuable feedback in a variety of ways through the data it collects.

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