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Call Recording as a Tool for Workforce Motivation

March 04, 2014
By Michelle Amodio - TMCnet Contributor

At the heart of every business lies the most critical asset: the workforce. Not only is it essential to staff offices with the best matched talent for what your business does, but managers must also continuously find ways to keep employees motivated and doing their best for the health and wealth of the company.

Unmotivated employees are likely to spend little or no effort in their jobs, avoid the workplace as much as possible, exit the organization if given the opportunity and produce low quality work. On the other hand, employees who feel motivated to work are likely to be persistent, creative and productive, turning out high quality work that they willingly undertake.

But how can managers inspire their workforce? It goes far beyond offering good compensation and an impressive benefits package. Fostering a positive environment is one good way to start, but beyond that, there are a few more strategies and tools to help keep the momentum going.

In call and contact centers, it’s good to create a strong sense of team and offer staff development whenever possible. One way to accomplish this is through gamification. The general premise of gamification is to take boring work and use basic ideas from game design to incentivize it with rewards. Rewards are things that are part of the game, but make it more fun to play.

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Believe it or not, call recording can be an immensely helpful tool when it comes to workforce motivation. Call recording can help managers and employees in review sessions to help employees progress. This can be tied into a gamified system where agents can “play” for rewards and other incentives.

All members of the team should have regular review sessions using recorded calls to see what went well and what didn’t, of which information can help staff and employers to identify both areas of strength and skills gaps. At the end of each of these sessions, targets are set for the employee to work towards, helping them develop in their career. Call recording helps managers and staff gauge performance.

Call recording also helps to manage mistakes. These, of course happen and are more common with new hires. Mistakes can lower morale, but using call recording can help take something bad, turn it around and find something good, thus resulting in better performance and overall better customer service.

Call recording can give any business an assist with improved monitoring and constant feedback, and above all, help boost workforce morale and confidence, leading to overall success. 

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