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Call Recording Platforms for Every Type of Office

March 28, 2014


Today's contact centers have to deal with many compliance issues and regulations that require them to record the interaction with their customers. This recording ensures proper guidelines have been followed and the end-user has been notified of any relevant information regarding the product and services offered by the organization.

Recording is also performed to gather valuable data that can be used in conjunction with speech analytics to improve call center operations. Call recording is now a requirement by most organizations, because it is able to resolve disputes quickly, demonstrate compliance, monitor quality and improve performance.

Choosing the right solution platform for a call center, whether it’s on-premises or hosted in the cloud, means considering the needs of the organization and how it is able to meet the needs of its customers effectively.

Having the option to decide where they want to house their platform for voice recording solutions gives organizations unique control over how they access call recording data. Using a secure Web browser through a hosted system, for example, users can locate a recording with different data fields including phone numbers, agent, date/time, queue and call notes to find a particular recording. It can also be saved as a link on the contact record within a CRM database.

Although the concern with cloud voice recording has been security, today voice recordings can be encrypted with a unique key for each client that can be accessed through a secure website as soon as a call is completed. This means a recording can be safely accessed almost in real time so it can be shared within the organization or any outside source. On-premises also provide security and peace of mind by housing important data on site. In either case, technology is evolving to the point where your data will be secure no matter which option you choose.

Call centers are increasingly migrating to cloud call recording solutions because of the flexibility it offers, but as with any business decision a company must make the choice that will provide the best solution for its customers and organization.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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