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Call Recording Has Role to Play in Improving Customer Experience

June 06, 2014


Call recording benefits not only the business implementing it, but also the overall customer experience.

Customers will find they will get a more professional and efficient response from employees who have used call recording technology. Issues will be resolved more quickly as well, with less chance for lengthy disputes. Transactions can be recorded, so they can be accessed in future conversations, as well. That means the customer’s own words can be archived, and can be played back if needed.

In fact, call recording is an important part of improving the overall customer experience.

“Logic tells us that brands who offer a superior experience will enjoy increased customer loyalty, repeat purchases, and higher levels of customer advocacy,” according to a blog post from Nigel Shanahan, the chairman of Rant & Rave.

But he points out too that sometimes it becomes very hard to define the “customer experience.” In turn, that makes it hard to meet customer expectations. In fact, Gartner’s (News - Alert) “Hype Cycle” report on customer relationship management and customer service cites 40 technologies that impact customer experience.

Businesses need to identify which part of the customer experience they want to improve and how they want to increase return on investment, the blog post said. Remember, too, multiple devices and channels are involved in the customer experience, making matters even more complex.

Customer experience is in fact a “business strategy” which impacts such factors as customer acquisition, retention and loyalty, Shanahan said. He points out, as well, that something he calls “customer engagement technology” lets brands communicate with customers through the “channel of their choice, at a time that’s convenient for them.” 

That means that technology, including the tech which relates to call recording, will help improve a business’ interaction with customers. In the end, both customers and businesses stand to benefit.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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