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Why Call Recording is Not a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

July 10, 2014
By Susan J. Campbell - TMCnet Contributing Editor

The use of call recording is a powerful tool to monitor activities, protect the organization in dispute resolution and train employees in the right way to handle processes. While it seems pretty cut and dry, each industry actually uses call recording in a different way, and it would behoove BPOs offering call recording services to keep this in mind. Within different industries, there are also specific needs, putting more focus on the reality that one size does not fit all.

Knowing this truth is important for BPOs before implementing a call recording solution, or even a strategy to support the practice. In the contact center industry especially, it’s easy to assume that recording calls is a practice that entails a simple process and a standard solution. Yes, you might be capturing those calls for training purposes, but is your training like every other contact center? Chances are, you like to think you do things differently and that’s your competitive advantage. The solutions you select to support these efforts should follow the same approach.

For heavily regulated industries, the way in which calls are recorded may be dictated by federal law or industry requirements. What you do with recorded calls may also be heavily mandated, especially if you’re in the healthcare field. Your ability to continue to do business may weigh heavily on the way in which you handle all internal practices, making all call monitoring a critical element within the operation. BPOs should tailor call recording solutions to these types of clients to ensure that they are getting high quality service that meets their needs.

Industries where regulations are not a primary focus may instead place all of their energy on making the customer happy. The requirements for the optimal customer experience are also dictated by the industry or even the ideal customer profile. For instance, that which constitutes a satisfied customer on the tech help line won’t work on the luxury hotel reservation line, and vice versa.

The right approach to customer care depends upon the needs of the customer. Call recording can help you capture the conversation and measure the reaction of the customer to determine whether or not the script or the agent’s approach is working. The recorded call can then be used in training to demonstrate the right or wrong way to do something, inspiring agents to adjust their performance to better comply with expectations.

When building out a customer service strategy, businesses likely take all of these elements into consideration so as to design the right approach to customer care. The same approach needs to take place in the selection and development of a call recording strategy. BPOs should help determine what their clients want to record, why they’re recording it, what they plan to do with the information and the outcomes they hope to achieve. These will vary for every company, so do this process before suggesting a solution every time. 

Edited by Alisen Downey

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