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Better Customer Service Through Your Website? You Bet

August 01, 2014
By Michelle Amodio - TMCnet Contributor

The term “customer service” usually conjures up the image of a customer calling into a call center, dealing with an agent, and going about their merry way, but we’re living in very different times today. Customer service is no longer exclusive to the telephone and call center agent. Nowadays, the customer experience is measured by all the ways in which businesses use today’s technologies to offer help to those who patron their businesses.

Apart from social media and mobile apps, businesses can use their websites as a place of service to ensure that their customers have yet another 24/7 option to handle any and all problems that may arise.

Good customer service in the age of the Internet will take one step further right into Web URLs. Customers can use websites for answers, chat live with a rep right online, or speak with a virtual agent using WebRTC tools. For instance, Virtual Observer, a workforce optimization solution, uses the technology of Boldchat to build a Web chat feature right into the Web interface for the software, so that live chats are easy and uncomplicated for both the customer and agent.

With this kind of customer service evolution happening over the next few years, big changes will be in store for support departments across major industries.

Your website may be the only interaction that some of your customers have with your brand, so use it wisely as a method of communication and assistance for your customers. Make sure that you clearly explain your benefits, products, and philosophy, and build the site to be as customer-friendly as possible.

Businesses need to evolve Web and mobile customer service to serve the techno-savvy customers better and create cohesive support experiences.

As with any channel, businesses should assess the questions customers ask through the Web monitor resolution rates, much like call recording does. Queries that begin in chat should be resolved in the same channel when possible. Businesses can request simple feedback about resolution at the end of each interaction, as well as track post-chat behavior, offering the same benefits as call recording does.

There's no denying the fact that customer service is important to businesses of all sizes. The quality of that service will either enhance or degrade customer loyalty to your brand and your business. Is your website ready to take care of your customers?

Edited by Alisen Downey

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