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Why Call Recording is More Than Just a Customer Service Tool

August 08, 2014


It’s no secret that when departments work well together, the overall health of the company benefits. There are myriad tools to ensure that collaboration is consistent, and technology has certainly brought us into a new era of making things work. The obvious choices for productivity are online project management software solutions, collaboration applications, and even advanced telecommunications systems. So, when we think of call recording, would it be too far fetched of an idea to say that yes, it, too helps in departments beyond customer service? Not one bit. Here’s why:

In terms of sales and marketing, call recording can improve upon sales training, thus leading to better sales processes. What’s more, in marketing, by actually listening to call recordings, marketers can identify real-world pain points and sales objections. Marketing can then craft collateral that can help reps overcome those objections.

What about departments who need information on the ready? Support staff can easily access recorded files to better service a client base. Nothing displeases a customer more than having to reiterate time and again their personal information. By being able to refer back to a telephone conversation as readily as you would an email or physical file, information is no longer stored in the depths of a filing cabinet. Depending on the solution, each telephone conversation can be tagged for easy retrieval at a later date with searching available on different criteria such as date, agent, customer reference, if required.

Call recording can also help quality assurance, so those who are working to establish quality practices can learn a wealth of information from recorded calls. Call center quality assurance is meant to uncover weaknesses and enhance the strong areas in customer service. An important part of this process is setting a clear outline of how implementing a QA program will benefit the agents, customers and the company in the long run. It is a good thing to clarify all details about a new concept and its applications before actually introducing it.

And what about key business applications? Call recording can help with legal compliance management, quality assurance, risk mitigation, verbal agreement archiving, best-practice training, centralized dictation, conference recording, dispute resolution, interview recording and threat handling.

As you see, it’s not only about good customer service. While that is high priority for companies, call recording clearly goes the distance beyond quality. Its very existence can help organizations better manage risk and compliance, develop quality assurance and increase productivity to enhance their business.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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