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Kronos Uses Paragon to Increase Time-to-value by 40 Percent

November 16, 2016
By Casey Houser - Contributing Writer

The information technology industry uses the time-to-value (TTV) metric as a key component of product installations. The metric acts as a measure of how long it will take for customers to see value from day one of the installation of software or hardware.

Kronos (News - Alert), a developer of cloud-based workforce management software, released some statistics this week about its new onboarding process, Paragon, which above all other data points, expects to provide an average TTV of more than 40 percent versus similar installation procedures. Paragon has become the go-to installation and support procedure used to install Kronos’ flagship workforce management software, Workforce Central.

Kristina Lengyel, the vice president of global professional services at Kronos, commented on how this method of support helps her company focus on the total cost of ownership of a product.

“While typical technology vendors invest solely in the user experience, we at Kronos go even further by also emphasizing the overall customer experience to build a trusted, long-term relationship with each customer,” Lengyel said.

Paragon allows companies to begin using cloud-based Kronos products. It also assists existing customers with the migration of their on-premise installations to the cloud. Both crowds first receive the Cloud Readiness service, which includes a complete review of a customer’s architecture, network, and use of third-party services to determine if and how Kronos can fit within that mix. Existing customers can also see how their current installations will change with a move to the cloud.

The readiness test sits just before Advanced Testing services Kronos provides to determine exactly how a company will function during the installation of software. Managers want to know how they can continue to run their businesses within an ongoing installation; Advanced Testing tools give them that knowledge and help their installations remain within a stated time frame and budget.

Once ingrained in the cloud, enterprises can expect to receive updates from Kronos cloud servers. Companies that choose to host their own data on premise, however, can still have access to Upgrade Central, a repository of updates for Workforce Central, which helps keep customers on the edge of development and in line with their state regulations.

Kronos saw an excellent quarter in Q3 2016. It is now poised to build on that intake of $309.7 million in revenue by further using Paragon and helping more clients move to the cloud. Workforce Central is now available for use in the cloud, and customers can count on Paragon onboarding coming along for the ride.

Edited by Alicia Young

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