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Verint's New WFO App Promotes Safe BYOD Practices

January 04, 2017
By Alicia Young - Web Editor

Countless studies and articles have suggested recently that a mobile workforce is a happy workforce. Giving your employees the option to work wherever, whenever, is one of the biggest selling points a company can have. Being stuck behind a desk all day is quickly becoming a reality of the past. The only thing that seems to be holding this movement back is security concerns.

As the mobile workforce has grown, bring your own device (BYOD) policies have had to evolve as well. Working on the go often means that employees are taking phone calls and accessing important, private business information on their personal smartphones. In a perfect world, this wouldn’t be a big deal. However, we live in a time where hackers are a constant threat and security breaches are common news items.

So, how are companies supposed to let employees work remotely on their own devices, while also making sure that company information stays secure? That’s where Verint’s (News - Alert) new Mobile Work View solution comes into play. The app, announced today, extends common work activities across devices—from desktops to smartphones—and allows employees to access workplace information anytime, anywhere.

“Verint Mobile Work View enables companies to confidently extend mobile capabilities to employees without compromising data security,” says Nancy Treaster, SVP and general manager, strategic operations, Verint. “With this mobile app addition, we are aggressively and proactively adding apps and other solutions that help address the evolving requirements of today’s changing workforce. This includes the growing popularity of BYOD policies in organizations around the world. Our Mobile Work View app not only helps frontline employees enjoy the benefits of Verint Workforce Optimization from the convenience of their own mobile devices, but also experience the benefits of further engagement and empowerment that comes with delivering on-demand, actionable information.”

With this new app, companies can promote working remotely, BYOD policies, and mobile apps, but in a safe way. Verint’s mobile gateway helps ensure data security by providing enhanced security capabilities when it comes to logging into the mobile app. Additional steps need to be taken to login, thus providing additional protection. The extra security measures also make sure that no proprietary information is stored on personal devices—everything is safe within the secure app.

These security measures should make companies feel confident that their information is safe when employees are working remotely. As a result, workforce optimization (WFO) capabilities should be adopted more by employees. Some of the WFO capabilities the Verint Mobile Work View provides are the ability to access work schedules, request time off, view availability of time-off allocations, bid for shifts on auctions, and get notifications about schedule updates, time-off request approvals and other schedule-related changes.

The app is an extension of Verint’s broad suite of WFO solutions, including its other mobile apps. All of these solutions can be used by companies and employees to ensure that they are working as efficiently and safely as possible while on the move.

Edited by Maurice Nagle