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Verint Recognized in DMG Consulting's Workforce Optimization Report

February 01, 2017


Today's workforce are operating in a complex environment that is rapidly changing because of the fast evolution of digital technology. Integrating all of these resources and making them part of the organization in itself requires another set of technology in order to fully leverage the benefits they offer. Workforce optimization (WFO) solutions are able to assess the entire business ecosystem, including customers, to make everyone more efficient and productive. Verint (News - Alert) has received several awards for solutions it offers in WFO and customer experience related services.

The DMG Consulting 2016/2017 Workforce Optimization Product and Market Report showed that Verint received perfect customer satisfaction scores in 17 categories by getting 5 out of 5. These categories are some of the most important qualities a potential customer looks during the decision process of acquiring a new product or service. Some of the categories include, overall vendor satisfaction, cloud capabilities, overall breath of suite functionality, ongoing service and support, responsiveness to product enhancement requests, improve cross-departmental coordination, enhance customer and staff engagement, and increase sales.

"This recognition underscores the tremendous traction the Verint Customer Experience Program is undergoing. It’s part of our guiding principle here at Verint to develop customers for life by enabling them to realize the full benefits of our solutions, and transform the way they engage with their customers," says Ryan Hollenbeck, Verint senior vice president, global marketing and customer experience program executive sponsor.

According to Verint, it was able to achieve this level of recognition by committing to optimize customer engagement at every touch point and ensuring their success by focusing with better service, support excellence and technology innovation.

In addition to the DMG Consulting workforce optimization report, Verint also received two new industry awards for its Customer Experience (CX) Program by Best in Biz 2016 Silver "Most Customer Friendly [Large] Company of the Year" and CUSTOMER Magazine’s 2016 "Customer Experience Innovation Award". The awards also extended to its personnel, with vice president of global customer experience Nancy Porte being recognized by ICMI’s 2016 Top 50 Thought Leaders.

In recognition of her placement on the list, Hollenbeck added, "Having an industry thought leader like Nancy Porte setting the tone for our program is a pleasure. Customers and the industry at-large continue to recognize her, as well as the cross-functional team across Verint that are consistently putting customers first every day."

Verint is a global provider of action intelligence solutions that have been designed to more effectively manage today's highly complex workforce environment. The company creates technologies focusing on customer engagement optimization, security intelligence, and fraud, risk and compliance. Some of the leading global organizations count on the products and services the company provides, including 80 percent of the Fortune 100 in around 180 countries.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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