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Yello Aims to Be Number ONE in Customer Engagement

March 02, 2017
By Alicia Young - Web Editor

There’s an old adage that states “the customer is always right.” While this may not necessarily be true, it’s certainly important to put the customer above all else. Back in the day, employees would prioritize customers by simply going along with what they said and living by that old adage. However, nowadays workforce optimization (WFO) software exists to help workers keep customer engagement top of mind. With the omnichannel approach becoming more and more important in all businesses, especially contact centers, it’s important to have WFO software in place to keep customer interaction efficient, personalized and helpful.

Yello, a German energy company, has implemented a strategy of innovation and customer centricity since the ‘90s. It strives to differentiate itself from the competition through customer service and, in doing so, has chosen Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub to implement an omnichannel customer engagement strategy.

ONE is set to help Yello provide a unique customer experience because it allows users to recognize, analyze and personalize every interaction. According to the site, “ONE is the hub that brings everything together. It recognizes your customers whenever they come into contact with your brand. It provides real-time journey analytics, uncovering customer insight you’ve never seen before. Armed with this level of understanding ONE helps you have personalized conversations every time.”

Given that Yello is looking to set itself apart through personalized interactions, it appears as though ONE is the exact WFO software it was looking for. Jens Scharnetzki, Chief Product Owner at Yello, echoed this sentiment by saying, “Customers are our priority…We evaluated the market and chose Thunderhead to help future-proof our customer engagement strategy. With Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub we are able to gather rich insight to build more meaningful dialogue and relationships with our customers. Beyond this customer engagement vision across Yello, our aim is to outperform the market on service and the on-going experiences that our customers have.”

Let’s hope that Thunderhead’s WFO software can help Yello become number ONE in customer engagement.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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