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Workforce Optimization Crowns a New King in TelStrat

March 09, 2017
By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

When it comes to workforce optimization,  there are no shortage of tools out there promising to make a current workforce leaner, more effective, and ready to do lots more work for minimal additional investment. Trying to decide which of these tools is suffering from overinflated claims and which can actually deliver, meanwhile, can be a challenge. Thus, awards often help companies figure out who to go with by virtue of the distinguishing nature awards offer. TelStrat recently took home one such award, landing a 2017 CUSTOMER Product of the Year Award from TMC (News - Alert).

More specifically, TelStrat's Engage WFO SaaS system won the award, a workforce optimization tool offered on a software as a service (SaaS (News - Alert)) basis. Essentially, it offers many of the features provided by Engage WFO, like the call recording and workforce optimization systems, but offers it on a cloud-based basis, which means it can be brought into play without many of the infrastructure demands of an alternative solution.

That means added value right out of the gate, and when the other features of this product are thrown in, it becomes clear why CUSTOMER handed over an award to this operation. It even includes a note of customization, allowing users to tool the system according to needs on the ground. As a workforce optimization system, it not only allows for standard optimization, but also optimization under the terms of certain regulatory efforts like PCI (News - Alert) or HIPAA. A complete global service network also provides excellent uptime, offering four-nines (99.99 percent) uptime.

Commonly, CUSTOMER offers its awards on the strength of product innovation, and the ability to both meet and exceed customer expectations. That led to TelStrat's founder and CEO Bob Carroll commenting on the company's “history of innovation,” as well as its flexibility and its commitment to both finding out and delivering just what the customer wants.

Innovation and value: that's the key to making workforce optimization really work. After all, most don't pick up workforce optimization tools for their own sake: such tools are brought in as a way to improve operations and get more done in a day.  While the problem isn't always related to an unoptimized workforce so much as it is a disengaged one, for those times when workforce optimization can work, it often does, and to great effect.

That means there's a clear value in innovative tools that can bring that kind of value to an operation, and as demonstrated by its recent CUSTOMER win, TelStrat can deliver. Companies now have a great new tool in the toolbox to build a better workforce, and TelStrat's the name on the handle.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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