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Virtual Observer Adds Agent Timeline to Lineup

March 20, 2017
By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

Workforce optimization software has evolved, and in today’s highly competitive business world where customer service serves as a key market differentiator, it is a necessity. From staffing needs and onboarding to compliance, agent improvement and quality monitoring, the benefits are many. And, recently, Coordinated Systems, Inc. (CSI (News - Alert)) announced a new feature for its Virtual Observer solution, which empowers management with a new level of visibility into agent performance.

The new feature, “VO Agent Timeline (News - Alert),” allows supervisors to view an agent’s interactions across a timeline of captured events. Managers have easy access to recorded phone calls, chats, inactivity during the workday as well as screen captures. Evaluation and playback is as simple as clicking an event’s icon, and within the same window one can review logged events.

“This is a unique feature in the contact center / workforce optimization tool set, and it’s one which can prove to be a huge value for performance-minded contact centers,” added Rich Marcia, Marketing Director for CSI.

VO is a robust contact center solution, loaded with quality monitoring and workforce optimization features; however, with the addition of VO Agent Timeline, management gains a new way to view an agent’s day. Each event is color coded by event type, making logs easily accessible.

CSI is not one to rest on laurels, as the VO Agent Timeline joins a list of recent innovations from the workforce optimization software firm. It follows releases like “VO Live for Agent Assistance,” which offers supervisors the ability to interact with agents in real time and/or commandeer system navigations of the customer interaction, and “VO Agent Webcam Recording,” which records an agent’s body language and behavior within their cubicle.

From a training perspective, supervisors can easily observe downtime in a new hire’s day. And, when coupled with VO Agent Webcam Recording, the manager can view the employee during gaps in productivity. VO Agent Timeline is a perfect fit for the Virtual Observer product suite, as too often agent performance comes into question.

The contact center serves on the front lines of customer service. For many, it is the first point of contact made with a company so there’s something to be said for first impressions. Constant monitoring, quality control and training are vital components in piecing together an exceptional customer service team, and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

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Edited by Alicia Young

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