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CSI Enables Partner's Customer Experience to Shine

March 22, 2017
By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

It’s true what they say, “team work makes the dream work.” Meridian IT and CSI (News - Alert) demonstrated this with a recent Virtual Observer deployment where the collaborative effort resulted in far more than new call recording and workforce optimization software: an exceptional customer experience.  Meridian IT felt the VO solution would be the best fit for the Cisco (News - Alert) UCCX environment in place, then managed and sold the solution, providing Quad Graphics with a flexible and feature rich solution capable of supporting requirements for years to come.

Quad Graphics, a global provider of media and print solutions, was on a mission to empower marketers and publishers by optimizing multichannel marketing campaigns. Built on the strategic goals of enhancing financial strength, engaging employees, strengthening the core, growing profitability and walking a mile in its clients’ shoes, the firm is finding success. Committed to driving performance via innovation, and working with Meridian IT, it deployed CSI’s Virtual Observer solution to improve contact center operations, and the results speak for themselves.

Recently, Systems Admin for the UC/Collaboration team at Quad Graphics’ Global Infrastructure Services Alex Braunschwieg offered some feedback on Virtual Observer and CSI. Braunschweg highlighted how easy the deployment process was, noting that if he has any questions they are addressed in a timely manner, and from a training standpoint the CSI team has been effective in teaching the technology.

As Braunschweg explained, “In the two years we have had Virtual Observer implemented we only had one time where we had an issue and after contacting CSI a fix was implemented within 48 hours and monitoring was set up for us to catch issues as they happen.”

The VO implementation was Quad Graphics’ first foray into call recording, and as Braunschweg put it, “I can’t imagine I would want to look at any other product for deployment.” One of the biggest takeaways for Braunschweg from the process is the team mentality, highlighting that CSI is a vendor that doesn’t make you feel like a client, but a partner, “Trying to complete the same objective.” 

Edited by Alicia Young

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