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iOFFICE Optimizes Workforce Software

April 25, 2017
By Andrew Bindelglass - Contributing Writer

iOFFICE, an employee-centric workforce optimization software solutions provider, announced yesterday that it has redesigned its integration layout for Slack, the popular communication and collaboration application for businesses. These changes will make it much easier and more appealing for users to access the chat and collaboration of Slack without having to open a separate application to get all the great features of iOFFICE, continuing the platform’s goal of creating a one stop shop for business to work on.

With more and more businesses beginning to rely on mobile devices as opposed to desktops, iOFFICE wanted to make sure that its platform was perfectly optimized for mobile use. Slack already has built an incredibly strong mobile platform, and iOFFICE realized that leveraging that technology was the most prudent course of action for them moving forward. Thus, it worked hard with Slack developers to make sure that all of its notifications could be received and viewed through the Slack app.

“Our mission at iOFFICE is to bring the digital workplace to life by making work function like the most intuitive consumer apps,” said iOFFICE Co-Founder and CMO Elizabeth Dukes. “Slack is how people communicate in the office, and out, so we're integrating this functionality and easy service requests to make employees more efficient, happy and satisfied at work.”

In addition to making its platform more compatible with Slack, iOFFICE also used this latest update to roll out its updated service request features. When employees use the iOFFICE platform to request service (from IT or maintenance, for example), the in-app interface is now much more intuitive to use. Employees can now easily specify exactly what the nature of their request is, and receive real time updates on the progress of it. The people to whom the request is placed will also receive real time emails and push notifications from the app, ensuring that jobs are completed quickly.

Once again, iOFFICE is another example of a workplace software company seeking to further optimize the day to day operations of the average office. Hitching its wagon to Slack, one of the most popular business communication apps on the market, is absolutely a savvy move.

Edited by Alicia Young

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