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NICE Improves Evolve Workforce Management Software

April 27, 2017
By Andrew Bindelglass - Contributing Writer

Yesterday, NICE announced a new round of improvements and feature upgrades for its Evolve Workforce Management software platform. This software makes use of powerful data analytics tools that are hosted in the cloud to make predictions for the future based off of customer data. This allows businesses to project where customers will be flocking to next, and manage their personnel, infrastructure, and equipment accordingly. This allows businesses to be proactive and have contingency plans put in place to deal with new issues before they even happen, an option that is much more cost effective and timely than being forced to react to a new set of circumstances at the drop of a hat.

One aspect of the Evolve platform that businesses have expressed favorability towards is the fact that the analytics engine is not fully automated. Yes, it does automatically process vast amounts of data, but it does not do so without any human input. People running the software can adjust their sample size manually, and even add their own rules if they feel that there is another angle they would like the analytics engine to examine. This gives businesses the best of both worlds: all the computing power of automated data analytics, but with a human touch as well. This should serve only to further the power of this platform.

“Accurate forecasting is essential to any organization that prioritizes customer experience – businesses must ensure that they have the right person in place at the right time to manage customer inquiries in both an efficient and satisfactory manner,” said Miki Migdal, president of the NICE Enterprise Product Group. “We are pleased to make this capability available to businesses of all sizes, with our cloud-based EVOLVE WFM solution. Our enhanced automated forecasting capabilities, now available in the cloud, will allow organizations to reinvent customer service without the need for downtime, lengthy training, or special integrations with their existing systems.”

The fact that NICE allows businesses to combine raw computing power with human influence makes it an extremely attractive option. More and more workforce management software will likely continue to look for ways to meld human input into data analytics.

Edited by Alicia Young

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