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Inbenta Joins NICE inContact Ecosystem, Marketplace

August 11, 2017
By Paula Bernier - Executive Editor, TMC

It’s impossible to be all things to all people. With that in mind – and driven by the popularity of app stores and expanding customer requirements for greater choice – numerous suppliers in the communications and networking arena have in recent years created ecosystems and related app stores.

These efforts make it easier for customers to identify and access solutions that work with their existing solutions. And, over time, the suppliers that establish these ecosystems add new partners to provide their customers with even more options.

That’s what cloud contact center software company NICE inContact has been doing. And Inbenta is the latest addition to its DEVone ecosystem of partners and its CXexchange marketplace. The marketplace is populated with solutions that work with the NICE inContact CXone software.

Inbenta provides live chat capabilities that can be used to help address questions and tickets, prioritize incoming cases, and lower costs by encouraging self service. The company says its solutions, which use artificial intelligence and natural language processing, can enable customers to achieve self-service rates of more than 90 percent. And self-service, according to Inbenta, can both lower costs for the contact center and increase customer satisfaction.

“Inbenta is excited to partner with NICE inContact and be a part of CXexchange,” said CEO Jordi Torras. “Our technology helps contact centers significantly reduce support costs. The integration with CXone provides a more seamless omnichannel experience to both agents and end consumers.”

CXone is NICE inContact’s cloud-based contact center solution. It provides users with analytics, artificial intelligence, automation, omnichannel routing, and workforce optimization capabilities.

“Each customer that works with NICE inContact has specific needs and business goals in relation to their contact center operations,” said Paul Jarman, CEO of inContact. “CXone is an open technology platform supporting the most extensive ecosystem of any cloud provider. Inbenta provides an integrated and value added capability to CXone that helps our joint customers deliver exceptional customer experiences.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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