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Snagajob Allows for On-Demand Workforce Management

August 15, 2017
By Paula Bernier - Executive Editor, TMC

The always-connected, on-demand society in which we now exist is providing us with a lot more flexibility in how we live and work. For example, it’s now quick and simple to use an app like Lyft or Uber to get a ride within just a few minutes. And now a company called Snagajob makes it almost as easy for small and medium businesses to find hourly employees who can help out as needed.

In addition to serving as a platform through which SMBs can post jobs opportunities, Snagajob now also serves as a workforce management platform by enabling companies to communicate with their employees and create and share worker schedules.

The platform provided by Snagajob can be used by workers as well. Not only can they leverage it to find jobs, but they can communicate with others, their team, and employers via the platform’s mobile instant messaging feature.

"I love that when I post a job, I don't have to wait long for applications from people who are a great fit for my team," says Kathy Hester, owner of BakeHouse. "The new scheduling feature is incredibly helpful, making it easier for everyone to stay up to date with our schedule. A lot of the students on my staff like the ability to trade shifts on their phone; I like that shifts are updated without disrupting my business. Plus, the team messaging keeps us all connected when it's most important. Snagajob puts the tools I need as small business owner in one place. What's better than that?"

Snagajob enables SMBs to tap a network of nearly 80 million job seekers. Here are some of the work opportunities Snagajob has listed in my area today: data entry pharmacy technician, grocery store clerks, in-store promoter, inside sales representative, Lyft drivers, and restaurant team member.

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