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Nexidia Analytics Adds Insight to Nimble Operations

October 06, 2017
By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

Each interaction in business equals opportunity. Whatever the reason, whatever the channel, each conversation provides the chance to hear customer need, and deliver. It sounds simple, but putting this notion into action proves more difficult for many than one would think. Modern contact center solutions provide robust call recording and call monitoring tools that collect and analyze interaction data, and offer actionable insight to the improvement of operations.

Nimble (News - Alert) recently announced the selection of NICE’s Nexidiia Analytics solutions to improve customer service operations. Nimble will leverage Nexidia Analytics to analyze each and every interaction, across all contact center channels to guarantee agents are within regulatory requirements and keeping to required scripts.

The South-African-based Nimble will now possess the capability to empower contact center managers to drive agent performance further with best practice and coaching. The deep learning solution will analyze the more than 300,000 daily calls, and deliver Nimble’s 1,400 agents with the knowledge to do better.

When vetting solutions, Nimble’s decision came fairly easy, as three key components of the NICE solution stood out: NICE’s Managed Analytics Services (MAS), which offer a depth of financial service expertise; the solution’s speed as well as the wealth of functionality.

John O’Hara, president, NICE EMEA, noted, “We are proud to partner with Nimble Group in order to help them unlock the power of ‘analytics with no limits.’ Our Nexidia (News - Alert) Analytics solution, based on AI-powered speech recognition technology, offers unparalleled accuracy and scalability, allowing the company to analyze huge volumes of customer insights and quickly understand what actions need to be taken to improve its operations and remain compliant. By selecting the market’s most advanced analytics solution, Nimble Group has demonstrated its commitment to reinventing customer service and achieving business success across the enterprise.”

It didn’t take long for Nexidia Analytics to prove its value, which should serve as a reminder to contact centers around the globe that by investing in a future-forward, feature-rich and insight driven analytics it is an investment that is promised to pay off.

Edited by Mandi Nowitz