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O-Bank Supports Digital Era with Avaya Deployment

October 12, 2017
By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

Customer engagement in our digital era is not difficult, but doing so in an exceptional way can prove challenging. There are no points for second place in the customer service game, so measure twice, cut once, and put the proper pieces in place to support operations.

Speaking of digital era, Taiwan’s first, all-digital, online-only bank, O-Bank (Wangdao), will support operations with Avaya (News - Alert) multi-channel Customer Engagement technologies. Now, the bank only serves customers via mobile, video, voice and other digital channels.

"O-Bank is Taiwan's first digital commercial bank. Our success requires the courage to innovate, but we also need to have advanced technology and quality service partners in which we trust. Avaya solutions provide the characteristics and advantages that meet our needs, allowing us to establish a simple and responsive contact center integration framework and help us succeed in the digital banking market in Taiwan," Lin Tom, Vice President, O-Bank.

As a digital bank, O-Bank has much in the way of flexibility in terms of geography and hours, but moreso than a physical bank, customer service and personalization is imperative. With the Avaya deployment, customers can engage with real time voice and video, and allows for easy allocation of resources to ensure consistency and quality across all channels.

Also, Avaya Breeze’s Client SDK provides for Website and mobile app integration in a compliance with industry regulations. And, keep in mind that Avaya’s open standard architecture aids in reducing cost and easing deployment.

"The global digital age has come, and China is leading the digital transformation of the financial industry. O-Bank transformation is similar to what we've been doing at Avaya - leveraging our legacy of communications industry experience, while innovating with solutions and services for the digital age. Our successful partnership with O-Bank has provided valuable experience for Avaya's transformation and added to our continued confidence," explained Chen Wei, president, Avaya Greater China.

Digital transformation is at hand, and businesses are evolving with the times. Our digital era demands more, it’s that simple. And Avaya’s platform is providing a way for O-Bank to deliver on expectations.

How is your business evolving?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz