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Kronos Releases Workforce Dimensions to Help WFM

November 17, 2017
By Mandi Nowitz - Web Editor

Kronos Incorporated revealed Workforce Dimensions, its next-generation workforce management platform. Kronos (News - Alert) has redefined its technology with a breakthrough user interface, implanted artificial intelligence, and machine learning technology. The goal is to help businesses enhance results and drive traffic.

Workforce Dimensions fundamentally reshapes the relationship between employees and the organizations where they work – creating new levels of collaboration that were never thought possible. Technology is changing the future of work, and Workforce Dimensions is changing the future of workforce management,” shared Aron Ain, chief executive officer, Kronos.

Some of the offerings that come with Workforce Dimensions include “work your way,” which allows employees and management to work remotely off of any device. Connectivity is vital when managing a workforce but so is flexibility, which Kronos has clearly acknowledged. Scheduling also plays a part in being connected within a company, having voices heard. The collaborative self-scheduling tool allows employees the ability to share where, when, and how much they would like to work thus creating a more balanced and amenable schedule.

In addition, advanced forecasting helps enhance volume accuracy by up to 25 percent, ensuring proper scheduling and coverage. This is where the AI and machine learning elements come in and, when done properly, will increase employee productivity and drive positive customer service experiences. Happy workers equal happy customers.  AI and machine learning help with forecasting, but it is the real-time embedded analytics that include more than 150 pre-configured KPIs that give managers the tools to really improve WFM.

Additionally, Kronos D5 helps seamlessly integrate the cloud into whatever structure an organization is using. Having partnered with Google and Microsoft (News - Alert), Kronos is looking to enhance the structure of Workforce Dimensions. Microsoft connects employees with management to easily handle requests, while Google allows the sharing of schedules, so the team can switch and swap if needed.

So far, Brookstone, Things Remembered, and the University of Colorado Boulder, to name a few, have adopted Workforce Dimensions.

“Things Remembered challenged Kronos to create a new solution that would dramatically change how our organization handles all aspects of workforce management, from creating schedules and capturing timekeeping data, to communicating with employees and proactively managing potential labor law compliance. Workforce Dimensions delivers exactly that,” shared Connie Fumich, director, IT, Things Remembered.

Edited by Erik Linask

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