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Verint Adds AI & Automation to Contact Center Operations

November 30, 2017
By Maurice Nagle - Web Editor

Productivity is the result of efficient operations. And in this age of digital transformation, firms are leveraging automation and artificial intelligence to address certain tasks to allow team members to not just be more productive, but in the end make the business more profitable.

This week, Verint (News - Alert) announced unveiled new automation capabilities to enable modern workers with a user-friendly way to gain access to work schedules through a voice-controlled digital personal assistant and automate scheduling tasks via smartphone.

This is a mobile-first world, and the modern digital workforce expects this to reflect in the tools at hand. WorkView, Verint’s mobile application component of its workforce optimization suite, allows for a feature-rich and user-friendly experience for agents. It is functional for both Android (News - Alert) and iPhone users; covers employee requests like swapping shifts, time off or viewing performance metrics; and it allows team members to select from available shifts, and all approval of schedule changes is automated based on pre-defined business rules.

I mentioned AI in the open, getting back to this cutting edge technology, Verint’s automated Workforce Management possessing AI-based user interface capabilities allows for third party digital assistants to tell employees when it’s break time, provide details on work, what time the team member must be at work and more.

“Verint’s automation solutions for WFM—as well as the automation infused throughout our broad solution portfolio—continue to have growing impact on the customer engagement industry, and we’re committed to furthering our leadership and introducing even more next-gen advancements in the areas of machine learning and natural language processing,” says Verint’s John Goodson, GM and SVP of products.

Call center scheduling can prove a herculean task, and is a key component in a robust workforce optimization software offering. Call center management is challenged to oversea Swiss watch-like precision; From leveraging call recording and quality assurance tools, to ensuring omnichannel support during peak times, the obstacles are real. But, solutions exist to help you usher customers along their journey.

What workforce optimization tools are deployed in your contact center? 

Edited by Mandi Nowitz