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eRx Network Improves Contact Center Performance with Call Recording and Quality Monitoring

June 03, 2009
By Tim Gray - TMCnet Web Editor

After launching a new transaction services company focused on providing retail pharmacy with the best value, service and products in 2001, eRx Network has quickly become a leader in the pharmacy transaction processing industry while continuing to improve and increase its client services.

The eRx Network platform is designed to provide customers with a next-generation network capable of handling billions of transactions annually with a level of reliability previously unattainable within the industry. In part, because its products and services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each pharmacy customer – and provide them with the tools necessary for improving efficiency, accuracy, and profitability – it is critical importance is the accuracy and quality of each interaction between contact center agent and customer.
As the large percentage of customer interactions flowing through eRx Network’s contact center continues to grow, it has become more important than ever for eRx to maintain a leading edge in technology and best practices for the contact center.
So, when tasked with investigating call recording solution for the contact center, eRx Network selected Virtual Observer solution from Coordinated Systems, Inc. (CSI) only after conducting a comprehensive search.
A key importance in making the selection was the solution’s compatibility with and the ability to record off of eRx Network’s Cisco (News - Alert) VoIP phone system, according to eRx Network’s Director of Customer Service Joseph Balcken.
In addition, says Balcken,  factors like the initial and ongoing cost structure, customer references, and speed of implementation contributed to eRx Network’s decision to implement Virtual Observer.
“We differentiate ourselves from others in our industry by staffing our call center with courteous, highly-trained, and knowledgeable agents. It may sound like an obvious goal for any customer service organization, but, when it comes to the actual customer-agent interaction, it’s uncommon to see/hear of that goal being achieved…at least in our industry,” said Balcken. “Our clients consistently communicate their appreciation for the dedication and support they receive daily from our organization.”
CSI offers a range of products and solutions that are built around the philosophy of being "simple, effective and affordable.”  The company’s core business provides quality assurance technology and workforce optimization for call centers. This solution includes call recording software, an evaluation component, server hardware, and professional installation and trainings services.
The Fort Worth, Texas-based eRx Network’s contact center provides pharmacies with “in-house” support of various data management solutions, according to the company. As the business continues its growth, the contact center has taken appropriate measures to maintain exceptional customer support.
The company currently has a staff of more than 35 that includes first-level customer service representatives (CSRs), support specialists, team leaders, a quality assurance specialist, and a department manager. In addition, the contact center has added IP telephony, ACD technology, a CRM solution, and historical and real-time reporting, as well as a variety of customer service web tools that were built in house.
Each day, these agents receive more than 1,400 calls related to a variety of customer service issues.

According to Balcken, “We typically receive calls from pharmacy staff who have questions about the electronic response received while transmitting an electronic insurance claim through our system. Others may require assistance with web tools or have questions about the remittance advice from payers.”
“We track several quality metrics using Virtual Observer, including weekly, monthly, and quarterly quality assurance scoring averages per agent, team, and center,” said Balcken. “We believe that immediate access to more data, as well as reliable, consistent reporting of QA scores, have improved the department’s overall quality -- a dramatic result that is attributable to our use of Virtual Observer.” 

Besides logging every call on the Cisco phone system, Virtual Observer is used for e-learning at eRx Network. The system automatically delivers targeted content to agents based on their performance evaluations, sending them training material that speaks to their individual weaknesses. Virtual Observer also captures screen activity, which allows supervisors to evaluate not only the recorded call, but the complete customer interaction. Screen recording also allows supervisors to train agents to use applications more productively.

Tim Gray is a Web Editor for TMCnet, covering news in the IP communications, call center and customer relationship management industries. To read more of Tim’s articles, please visit his columnist page.

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