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Understanding the Benefits of Call Logging in the Enterprise

August 07, 2009
By Tim Gray - TMCnet Web Editor

More and more enterprise-level corporations are adopting call logging at a high rate, for diverse reasons.
The idea of using call logging for large, multi-site organizations has generated much interest as of late, as the number of reasons to implement total recording across the enterprise has grown, including security and liability factors.

Historically, call logging has been used most effectively in legal and liability manners, for compliance standards, or to resolve disputes.
More recently, contact centers that implement call logging for quality and training purposes will leverage the recorded information to then assess the quality of the interactions between call center agents and callers, resulting in an increase in productivity and improved average handling time, or AHT.
“Many of these enterprise-level companies are learning that they can also utilize their recorded inventory of calls and screens and use them for training purposes as part of their quality initiatives,” said Richard Marcia, marketing director of Coordinated Systems, Inc.
“It is still extremely important for certain industries to maintain compliance with HIPAA and PCI (payment card industry) standards. The solution often serves the dual purpose of compliance and quality,” Marcia added.
Beyond the need for compliance and quality, for example, companies from the financial space may be required to record every call; Sales centers often need to verify orders. Technical support centers may wish to review discussions relative to incident resolution.
“When you look at all things considered, the number of benefits realized after implementing a call logging system is staggering. The contact center which already gets every call can start using those calls as training material, optimizing their new hire training cycle time. For the enterprise, this is a huge performance gain.”
There are other important factors driving the adoption of call logging in the enterprise. The added ease for recording remote branches and agents through recent technology improvements, such as direct phone system integrations like "CMAPI/DMCC" for Avaya and Cisco’s (News - Alert)  “Active Recording".
“ShoreTel has recently made tremendous inroads in the enterprise space, and we have an API for recording directly from their system as well,” Marcia stated.
“Our call recording solution, Virtual Observer, offers enterprise call recording solutions for the absolute lowest cost of ownership in the industry,” said Marcia. “Full version upgrades are provided free to customers with maintenance accounts; the ability to use virtualization, and a tremendous number of bundled features all add up to the best value to price available.”

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Tim Gray is a Web Editor for TMCnet, covering news in the IP communications, call center and customer relationship management industries. To read more of Tim’s articles, please visit his columnist page.

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