Workforce Optimization Software Articles

  • NICE Improves Evolve Workforce Management Software
    NICE has announced new improvements and features to its Evolve Workforce Management software.
  • iOFFICE Optimizes Workforce Software
    iOFFICE upping the ante in workforce optimization software by integrating with Slack.
  • Virtual Observer Adds to Office 365
    Virtual Observer is a call recording and quality assurance solution for enterprises and contact centers. It stands out amongst the competition by offering a user friendly feature set that helps companies meet customer requirements, thus improving customer satisfaction.
  • Verint Workforce Optimization Software Suite is Compatible with Cisco UCM
    Verint systems has achieved compatibility certification with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM) as a member of the Cisco Solution Partner Program.
  • Customer-Contact Optimization is Key for Growth
    Frost & Sullivan's Digital Transformation team has revealed customer-contact optimization and superior customer experience are key for the growth of omni-channel customer experiences in the Asia-Pacific contact center application market.
  • Financial Services Companies Prepare for New Monitoring Rules
    Call recording technology, when implemented properly, can yield benefits far beyond simply protecting clients. It can also help protect the organization that records the calls from legal action (eliminating "he said, she said" scenarios). Additionally, it can also lead to workforce optimization by helping the company identify procedural roadblocks or problematic customer support barriers as well as under-performing workers.
  • Financial Services Companies Prepare for New Monitoring Rules
    Call recording technology, when implemented properly, can yield benefits far beyond simply protecting clients. It can also help protect the organization that records the calls from legal action (eliminating "he said, she said" scenarios). Additionally, it can also lead to workforce optimization by helping the company identify procedural roadblocks or problematic customer support barriers as well as under-performing workers.
  • New Oracle Survey Reveals Secret to CSP Success
    Oracle's new study, "The Communications Cloud: CSPs Take on Tomorrow," polled CSPs around the world to understand how new technology initiatives can help them overcome obstacles, such as providing better customer experiences and capitalizing on new market opportunities.
  • Amazon Connect Adds Zendesk Integration
    Amazon certainly has a way with augmenting its market presence, as the new frontier this week is the contact center. Amazon Connect is Amazon's cloud-based contact center service from AWS, and today named its newest member of the AWS Partner Network set to support the release, Zendesk, Inc.
  • CSI Enables Partner's Customer Experience to Shine
    It's true what they say, "team work makes the dream work." Meridian IT and CSI demonstrated this with a recent Virtual Observer deployment where the collaborative effort resulted in far more than new call recording and workforce optimization software: an exceptional customer experience.
  • Virtual Observer Adds Agent Timeline to Lineup
    Coordinated Systems, Inc. (CSI) announced a new feature for its Virtual Observer solution, which empowers management with a new level of visibility into agent performance. The new feature, "VO Agent Timeline," allows supervisors to view an agent's interactions across a timeline of captured events.
  • The EU's GDPR Mandate Will Transform Global Privacy & Security Practices
    The EU's GDPR mandate, set to go into effect in May of 2018, will transform the way global businesses manage their data, improving privacy, security and data governance practices.
  • Avaya Hackathon to Help Create Consumer Experiences of the Future
    The Avaya Hackathon just launched in India looks to give the developer community in the country tools to create next-generation applications to help businesses with their customer experience and workforce optimization.
  • Workforce Optimization Crowns a New King in TelStrat
    TMC gives TelStrat a 2017 CUSTOMER Product of the Year Award for its Engage WFO SaaS workforce optimization system.
  • Avaya Japan Improves Omnichannel Experience with LINE Integration
    In a move to improve both the customer and agent omnichannel experience, Avaya Japan has enhanced integration with "LINE Customer Connect."
  • Yello Aims to Be Number ONE in Customer Engagement
    Yello has adopted Thunderhead's WFO software, ONE Engagement Hub, to implement an omnichannel customer engagement strategy.
  • Quality Connex Brings Omnichannel Experience to MyRepublic Sites
    Workforce optimization (WFO) software is a valued asset in several workplaces because it allows for the orderly management of operations. One place where that sort of capability is needed most is in the contact center, especially now that the push for omnichannel communications is becoming more prevalent.
  • Asian Restaurant Chain Consumes Avaya Solution
    Restaurant chain Sushi Tei Pte Ltd. is now leveraging the Avaya IP Office Platform to provide more unified and personalized services to customers, as well as employees and partners. This Avaya solution is delivered by way of IOSYS Solutions Pte Ltd.
  • NetBase Introduces Instant Search for Better Workforce Optimization
    NetBase has launched its Instant Search WFO software solution to help companies easily gain insights from social analytics.
  • Avaya and Salesforce Service Cloud Deepen Ties
    The contact center is in the midst of some major renovations - technologically speaking that is. From workforce optimization software to machine learning and the utilization of analytics, this is not your father's contact center. This week, we saw news for Avaya Engage highlighting the innovation at hand, as Avaya announced an expanded partnership with the Salesforce Service Cloud.
  • Frontline to Sell Verint WFO Software in the Netherlands
    Frontline recently announced that it will start selling Verint's WFO software solutions across the Netherlands, in the hopes of creating better customer experiences.
  • Use Call Recording to Improve the Customer Experience
    There are a variety of ways you can use call recordings within the context of workforce optimization to improve quality.
  • A Great Customer Experience Is Every Department's Duty
    Workforce optimization solutions can help contact centers meet their performance metrics and ensure they're not paying to over-staff while simultaneously ensuring that the customer experience isn't suffering in an effort to keep costs down.
  • Transform Both the Customer and Agent Experience
    Workforce optimization solutions delivered as cloud-based, SaaS offerings can help companies gain "the voice of the customer" as a tool to help extend customer service offerings where they are needed and wanted by customers.
  • Verint Recognized in DMG Consulting's Workforce Optimization Report
    The new DMG Consulting workforce optimization report has recognized Verint for receiving perfect customer satisfaction scores-5 out of 5-in 17 categories.
  • Avaya's Workforce Optimization Takes Strain Off Healthcare
    A rapidly-growing healthcare concern, Healthplex, turned to Avaya's customer engagement and workforce optimization tools to take the pain out of growth.
  • Gartner Names Verint Leader in Workforce Engagement Management
    Gartner's new Magic Quadrant for Workforce Engagement Management report has named Verint a leader in its efforts to develop technologies that help drive employee engagement and workforce optimization.
  • Epygi Promotes Call Recording Solution
    Epygi's Call Recording solution can record calls selectively or across the board. Audio files from recordings can be stored on the IP PBX or uploaded for external storage.
  • CX Excellence: Why So Hard?
    Salesforce research says that 85 percent of executives with service oversight believe customer experience is a key competitive differentiator. Yet just 14 percent of those recently surveyed rate their performance vs. the competition and overall related to service as excellent.
  • Five9: Tools Key to Quality CX
    Delivering a high-quality customer experience requires businesses to show empathy and enthusiasm to their customers, and empower their contact center agents to help those individuals. The most important way to engage agents, Five9 says, is to empower them with tools like analytics, CRM, UC, and workforce optimization that are intuitive to use, and provide the agents and end customers with consistent and high-quality experiences.
  • CreditEase Improves Customer Experience with Verint WFO Solutions
    CreditEase has seen mass improvements to its operations and overall customer experience since implementing Verint's workforce optimization (WFO) solutions.
  • Sales Software Evolves to Accommodate Millennial Sellers
    While there are endless column inches written about the cultural implications of Millennials and their behavior in popular culture, there are fewer interpretations of what their habits might mean to the world of business, and specifically workforce optimization.
  • Mobile Workforce Management Solutions a Great Fit for an Evolving Workforce
    An increasingly mobile and dispersed workforce has made workforce optimization and management a challenge. Mobile workforce management (MWM) solutions monitor and automate remote workers and processes to aid businesses and managers in an evolving workforce climate.
  • Verint's New WFO App Promotes Safe BYOD Practices
    Countless studies and articles have suggested recently that a mobile workforce is a happy workforce. Giving your employees the option to work wherever, whenever, is one of the biggest selling points a company can have. Being stuck behind a desk all day is quickly becoming a reality of the past. The only thing that seems to be holding this movement back is security concerns.
  • Optimizing Push Notifications for Customers
    People today are using mobile apps more than ever before, but the question of how: marketers optimize the use of apps to connect with customers still remains.
  • Workforce Optimization Key to Employee Retention
    The 2016 Society for Human Resource Management /Globoforce Employee Recognition Survey reveals workforce optimization solutions have to take into consideration other factors beyond traditional human capital management.
  • Verint Lands Awards in Workforce Optimization
    A slate of awards landed on Verint's doorstep recently as the company took home a slate in the workforce optimization field, among others.
  • Louisiana Parish Schools Upgrades Workforce Optimization Software
    Ascension Parish Public Schools in Louisiana upgrades its NOVAtime workforce optimization software and time and attendance solution after the damage they sustained from the 2016 Louisiana Floods.
  • inContact Brings Workforce Optimization to Hotelier
    The Carlson Rezidor hotel group recently turned to inContact cloud solutions to bring better customer service and workforce optimization to the roster.
  • Peak Elevate Steps Up Workforce Optimization
    New partnership effort between Peak UpTime and TelStrat International to lend new help in driving workforce optimization efforts.
  • InContact Assists Retail Client with WFO
    InContact, a developer of workforce optimization and contact center software, will help a global retailer with its plans to maintain call centers in the U.S. and double its agent count in Europe.
  • SHAG Taps InIn, Which Genesys Closed
    Genesys announced that it has completed its previously announced acquisition of Interactive Intelligence. And late last month Interactive Intelligence was apparently given the green light to discuss its Senior Housing Assistance Group Community Life Foundation customer win.
  • Sophisticated Customers Use Omnichannel as a Criteria for Buying
    Companies need to make sure they are properly combining their online and offline data into a unified stream and have the ability to understand and analyze their customer journeys. They also need to ensure that their workforce is properly optimized to handle the ways customers expect to communicate.
  • Hearing Devices Startup Finds Optimal Staffing Levels with Virtual Observer
    Listen Clear, a startup that provides affordable hearing devices, had a need for an inexpensive and scalable workforce optimization software that could handle their spiking staffing numbers and help them field all calls.
  • CYARA Helps Accelerate Customer Experience Innovation
    CYARA exists to help organizations accelerate customer experience innovation. The company does that by helping its customers design; build; and do integration, load, regression, and user acceptance testing on customer service capabilities.
  • Kronos Uses Paragon to Increase Time-to-value by 40 Percent
    Kronos uses its Paragon onboarding and support methods to help customers move to cloud-based implementations of Workforce Central, its flagship workforce optimization software.
  • Human Analytics Becoming an Indispensable Part of Workforce Optimization
    Human analytics are becoming a valuable part of workforce management and workforce optimization, offering insights to drive revenues and increase productivity and efficiencies.
  • Verint, Forrester Partner to Provide Improved Customer Experiences
    While developers put the pieces together, analysts tend to steer the ship. What do I mean by that? Well, typically analysts talk, the industry listens and not only is there new industry vernacular, but a new wave of innovation. Another approach is simply partnering with a research and advisory organization to offer an industry-leading solution, which is exactly what Verint is doing.
  • Casino Developer Chooses Verint for Improved Customer Experience
    Customer service is paramount in any business, whether we're talking about B2B sales or the taco stand on the corner, but in the hospitality and gaming industries, providing exceptional customer service can be quite challenging. Take a major casino for instance; between managing the hotel functions, casino floor and general staffing, managerial needs are a plenty.
  • CallMiner LISTEN 16 Kicks Off Today
    CallMiner has shown to be a foundational fixture in the speech analytics space. Living the motto, "Listen to Your Customers, Improve Your Business," is more than words. The analytics solution provider offers the industry the opportunity to not only see what's new with it, but collaborate with colleagues across the workforce optimization software space at LISTEN.
  • NICE Named WFO Market Leader
    The contact center is far more than a bank of phones, manned by agents, primed and poised to provide exceptional service. There's a lot that goes into scheduling, coaching and providing said exceptional service. Workforce optimization is the silent straw that stirs the customer service drink, and this week DMG consulting LLC unveiled its 2016 WFO Mid-Year Market Share Report, which offered much in illuminating industry trends and crowned a clear market champion.
  • Verint Provides QVC Japan with Valuable Customer Insights
    Competition is fierce no matter which industry you look at. It seems like every other day one business is coming out with a new product, while another startup is showing up on the scene. In such a competitive market, it's essential for businesses to make themselves stand out in whatever ways possible. QVC Japan Ltd. recognizes this need, and is working to make itself stand out through premium customer service. That's why the company uses Verint Workforce Optimization and Verint Speech Analytics to help meet this demand.
  • Acquisitions in Workforce Optimization Software Market Drive Better Solutions
    Access to cloud computing is a growing priority for enterprises throughout the world. And while some have embraced it with open arms, others sat back and waited for the kinks to get worked out before they jumped. Now, with access to solutions like workforce optimization software, and partnerships between key players, it only makes sense to adopt a roadmap this next level of innovation.
  • Virtual Observer Delivers Workforce Optimization Software for Avaya IP Office 10 Environments
    People power the contact center, make no mistake. In most cases, customer service agents serve as the first point of customer contact, with loyalty and more hanging in the balance. For this reason, firms are moving in a decidedly omni-channel direction and workforce optimization is a key ingredient to a healthy bottom line and happy customers.
  • Uniphore Launches New Version of auMina Speech Analytics
    It's never really enough to know what someone said. Knowing how they said it is every bit as important, and that makes for a clear demand for speech analytics tools. Uniphore Software Systems recently brought out its new auMina 2.4 update, and with it, users will have a much better handle on the how as much as the what of what's said on a customer call.
  • Genesys Named as Leader in Two Forrester Reports
    It's a great time to be a part of the Genesys team. The company prides itself on helping organizations create omnichannel customer experiences, journeys and relationships. Its overall mission is to provide the best customer experience and contact center solutions and, apparently, it's doing a pretty impressive job. The company announced at the opening day of its annual Genesys G-Force 2016 user event that it has been recognized as a "Leader" in two new reports from Forrester Research.
  • Formalized Social Media Platforms Create Opportunities, Prevent Fraud
    While a billion or so ordinary people around the world were using social media for purposes that are…well, social…a curious thing began to happen. Marketing and sales professionals, who have operated under the assumption for decades that the best place to sell is where the people are, have embraced social media as vehicle for brand awareness, promotion, crowd-sourced marketing and peer influence that can be utilized by brands to further their messages in a more trusted package. (Most people find the opinions of friends and family more trustworthy than unsolicited marketing messages.)
  • Relia Acquires SPi CRM
    Relia, a business process outsourcing company known as Moshi Moshi Hotline until autumn 2015, has worked in the BPO market since the late 1980s. Its list of clients includes a number of prominent businesses in Japan and surrounding countries. Now it will expand that grasp within its home base and overseas to the U.S.
  • Workforce Optimization Software for the New Economy
    If you manage a contact center, chances are good your workforce looks different than it did 10 years ago. It's likely made up of far more Millennial generation workers than it was then. Also, these workers probably spend their days doing very different tasks. While the telephone is still a big part of it, they're also likely handling digital and perhaps even social media communications. Because of this, your workload, your processes, your goals and your quality checks are all probably very different. If you're still using a years-old solution to manage this workforce, it's probably not cutting it anymore for your organization.
  • Cloud Contact Center + Office 365: A Perfect Pair
    Contact centers have moved into a new era of efficiency thanks to cloud technology. Cloud contact centers make it possible to cut costs, improve operations and deliver better overall services.
  • How Harry & David Ensures Quality During the Holiday Season
    The Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri offers a variety of fun things to do, whether you like water sports, hiking, eating or shopping. It's a favorite destination for my sister and I when we meet to celebrate our birthdays for the year each fall. We always plan for a stop at the outlet mall where we have to spend time at Harry & David.
  • Why You Can't Afford to Skip 'Social Listening'
    There are many companies struggling to get social media right. A small handful of companies seem to have a magic touch when it comes to social media, and they wield it like the popular kids in high school used their social skills to make the rest of us feel awkward. Even for the most successful companies, it's far from an effortless process. While no one is expecting you to develop an award-winning social media campaign overnight, at the very least, you should be engaging in what's called "social listening."
  • Gamification Helps Boost Employee Engagement and Knowledge
    While every contact center needs to engage in agent training on a regular basis, not all contact center work is created equally. When the products and services sold are more technical - imagine a wireless company that sells many different models of phones as well as voice plans and data plans - the training, both initial and ongoing, becomes far more complex and workers need larger knowledge bases to be able to find the answers they need for customers' questions.
  • How Call Recording, Dashboards & QM Can Enhance the Contact Center
    Call recording and quality monitoring can go a long way toward improving the performance of agents in the contact center, according to a new white paper from Coordinated Systems Inc.
  • Avaya IP Office Improves Safety and User Experience
    Avaya recently announced the latest version of its unified communications (UC) solution for small and midsize businesses. The Avaya IP Office release 10 spells good news for businesses and channel partners, as it has several benefits when it comes to security, resiliency and end-user experience.
  • Calabrio & KKR Deal Sign of the Times in Contact Center Space
    The modern contact center landscape is at an interesting point in time, where it appears consolidation is having its way. Shortly after hearing Genesys will be acquiring Interactive Intelligence, the market heard news of KKR's plans to purchase Calabrio, a firm that has earned recognition from Gartner, Frost & Sullivan and TMC (to name a few).
  • Selection of Virtual Observer Enables Contact Center to Reach Efficiency Goals
    Establishing success in the contact center is a challenging task. Some leaders may expect that success comes from the feedback received from customers; others may point to a low cost of operations; still others may suggest that the ability to resolve customer issues quickly is the only way to measure success. If you ask the customer base, however, they may point to first call resolution.
  • Legal Education Training Company Improves Operations with Quality Monitoring
    While many companies record calls for quality today, most of them still do it like it's 1986: telephone calls only with the need to store calls onsite and search them manually. It's a wonder so few companies are in a position to take advantage of the benefits of 100 percent call recording, quality monitoring and analytics. Some companies have gotten "their feet wet" with workforce optimization software when it comes to human resources. Far fewer are taking advantage of WFO as it can be used in an omnichannel business environment to improve quality and streamline operations.
  • Customer Experience over Price and Product? Consumers Say 'Yes'
    Why do customers pick the companies they want to do business with? Is it because of low prices? Is it because of product reliability? Is it because of the influence of friends and family? For a company struggling to win and keep customers, these are important questions to ask. While all of these things certainly play a part, there is evidence that many companies are missing the most important element: the customer experience.
  • Digimind, Ditto Get Together to Add Image Capability to Social Media Monitoring
    Those engaging in social media monitoring already know pretty well that it's mostly a text-based affair. That's all fine and well until we consider just how many of our conversations involve non-text elements. We communicate with texts, with timely memes, video clips, "demotivational" material, even with emojis. Now, a new partnership between Ditto and Digimind is allowing these non-text elements to be part of the monitoring as well as the conversation.
  • Social Media Taking Center Stage in Customer Service
    When Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook it was intended as a hub for college students to communicate. Jack Dorsey created Twitter as a result of his fascination for dispatch software. Neither had any idea that their innovation would lead to a customer service revolution years later. The omni-channel contact center is no longer a nicety but a necessity as the millennial generation continues to blaze their trail and baby boomers begin to take hold of what technology can offer; the customer service landscape is turning in a very "social" direction.
  • 'Visual Engagement' Adds New Dimensions to Customer Service
    The telephone, while undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions of the nineteenth century, has had (and continues to have) limitations. There's a reason why most people reserve face to face communications for their most critical conversations. A voice from the other end of the line is never going to be as effective as a voice that has visual cues accompanying it. For the same reason, telephone customer support can sometimes be limiting. Often, there are visual elements that would enhance the conversation: a product photo, a demonstration, a page on the Web site, or even just a video conference between customer and agent.
  • InContact Integrates HelpSocial for Social Media Support
    As difficult as customers may seem at times, there's very little they actually want - personalized, timely and resolute service. Too often firms bounce customers around in a corporate game of pinball, ricocheting from agent to agent, having to explain the same issue, question or concern multiple times with no resolution in sight. Companies are learning omnichannel support is the optimal way to address the need, with a primary channel being social media. For this reason, inContact and HelpSocial teamed up to offer the contact center social media care abilities.
  • Sales Rumors for Avaya and Interactive Intelligence Indicate a Changing Market
    The telecom and contact center sectors are particularly susceptible to change: startups are purchased by giants every few years, divisions are spun off into independent companies, and mergers and partnerships come and go. The only constant about the enterprise telecom and contact center sectors is regular change. Right now, the industry seems to be in a particularly turbulent period.
  • Upcoming European Financial Rules Expand Call Recording Requirements
    Talk about your big data. The European Union has been consistently expanding its requirements for financial institutions to record communications related to transactions since around the time of the global financial crisis of 2008 and 2009.
  • Speech Analytics Can Allow for a More Optimized Call Center Workforce
    Call recording has a wide variety of applications in the call center. That includes compliance, to capture agent conversations with customers in the call center and used later for coaching, to better understand customers, and to help people in all parts of a business to remember what was shared in conversations and meetings. Indeed, call centers have been leveraging call recording solutions in this way for some time now. But speech analytics can take these capabilities, and the call center in general, to the next level by helping identify interactions that may require special consideration.
  • The Key to Omnichannel is the Workforce
    An omnichannel customer experience has long been the goal of forward-thinking companies worldwide. The ability to reach customers over customers' desired point of contact is hard to pass up and can mean huge bottom line impact. Getting that experience has proven tougher than expected, and new reports suggest that the key may be a matter of fundamentally changing the workforce.
  • Five9 Receives Frost & Sullivan Award
    Five9 is a provider of cloud software for the enterprise contact center market. They bring the power of the cloud to thousands of customers and aid in approximately three billion customer interactions each year. Recently, Five9 made the decision to expand on its delivery of cloud-based contact center software by venturing into the Latin American market. This decision has paid off for the company, as it has now received the 2016 Frost & Sullivan Latin American Competitive Strategy, Innovation, and Leadership Award.
  • Achieving Contact Center Success
    Managing a contact center is no easy feat. There are the needs of the workers to consider, and the imperatives from management. Sometimes these two are at outright loggerheads, and making it all work falls on the contact center manager. A report from TechTarget shows basic do's and don'ts when it comes to running that management slot.
  • Work Harder to Keep Your Contact Center Agents
    The conventional wisdom for trying to keep agent attrition down in the contact center generally comes down to cost. A constant need to replace agents costs money and time, and new agents are less skilled than experienced agents, which negatively affects the customer relationship. Make a list of the ways high attrition costs companies money, and you'd fill a piece of paper in no time at all: high recruitment and training costs for the HR department, high costs in time and money to continually train new agents, weeks of wasted time each year for managers who should be managing, lost goodwill and opportunities from customers paired with newbie agents, and low agent morale from seeing a constant revolving door of coworkers.
  • Short-Term Versus Long-Term Metrics in the Contact Center
    Is your contact center successful? It should be an easy question to answer: after all, you probably have a collection of metrics you track. Chances are also good you're tracking the wrong metrics.
  • RightAnswers Helps Customers and Support Agents Find Answers Faster
    There is a massive amount of data being generated every second of every day by consumers and organizations alike. For businesses this information provides great opportunities to learn how it affects their operations to understand their customers, the marketplace and their competitors. The launch of the new RightAnswers Community, a social customer service channel and social intranet tool for peer-to-peer support, will deliver customer service by leveraging their own knowledge within their community.
  • Alorica to Become Third Largest BPO Provider after EGS Acquisition
    Alorica announced that it had recently completed its acquisition of Expert Global Solutions, Inc. (EGS). As a result, the transaction makes Alorica one of the world's largest providers of customer experience outsourcing solutions.
  • inContact's User-Friendly System Brings In Hospitality Company
    inContact, the leading provider of cloud contact center software and workforce optimization tools, is all about getting you, the customer, the best possible service. So, it came as no surprise when they announced yesterday that a global hospitality group is transitioning 250 agents from their on-site legacy contact center to inContact's Customer Interaction Cloud. In short, the Customer Interaction Cloud is a virtual contact center software that helps contact centers increase market share and profitability.
  • Technavio: The Cloud to Give Healthcare BPOs a Boost Through 2020
    Business process outsourcing (BPO) has given businesses a lot of new possibilities in terms of getting the job done, and the healthcare market worldwide is no exception. Meanwhile, a new report from Technavio says that BPO in healthcare is likely to continue on the rise, reaching a height of $9 billion by just 2020 alone.
  • Will AI-Driven Chat Bots Replace Human Agents?
    One of the biggest questions on the lips of the customer support industry today is, how automated will the industry become, and will it replace human agents? There are mixed opinions on the topic.
  • Former Infosys, IGate Leader to Head Up Xerox BPO Company
    Xerox in January announced plans to split into two separate companies, and the company seems to be moving a very respectable clip to make that happen later this year as scheduled.
  • Avaya Stages Breeze Hackathon, Intros Oceana Solution to Emphasize New Posture
    In March Avaya unveiled its new Breeze platform, which is aimed at helping developers easily implement communications capabilities into new or existing applications. This month the company staged a Breeze hackathon and introduced a customer engagement solution called Oceana, which is based on Breeze.
  • Insurance Client Deploys Five9 Contact Center, Sees Positive Results
    Five9, a company that develops cloud-based contact center software for enterprises across the globe, announces this month that it has acquired a new client, a 400,000-customer insurance provider that will, as the months progress with this new contact center host, process more than $600,000 in annual revenue for its own business customers.
  • Your Customers Want to Text You: Are You Ready?
    Sometime in the last decade, we have become a nation of text messengers. While teenagers may have ushered in the trend, nearly all generations today report sending at least a few text messages. While the trend may have started for personal communications, text is now also a channel of choice for customers interacting with businesses. A recent study conducted by Harris Poll and commissioned by OneReach found that over 60 percent of customers reported they would rather text than call a business for support. There's a good reason for this: rather than waiting on hold and making small talk with an agent, customers can get faster, more efficient responses to their questions.
  • High Fives All Around at Five9 for Silver Stevie Award
    Awards serve as a good way to see who is setting the tone in the space, and this week one of the leading providers of cloud software to the contact center, Five9, earned a Silver Stevie Award in the Business-to-Business category for its Freedom Release.
  • Why Social Media Has a Place in the Contact Center
    The days of the traditional contact center, featuring rows upon rows of operators armed with flimsy headsets and laminated sheets of instructions are long gone. Contact centers are undergoing dramatic transformations in order to take advantage of new technologies. The continued growth and efficacy of social media as a means for people to interact make it the perfect next candidate for inclusion in the modern call center.
  • The Omnichannel Customer Experience Even Hits Regulated Industries
    In recent months, there's been a lot of talk of the omnichannel customer experience, which basically means having a presence everywhere a customer may want to use to get in touch with a business. It's designed to give customers as few pain points as possible-a customer who wants to talk to a business over social media but can't comes away frustrated-and it's done quite a bit of good for retailers and the like. Now, some regulated businesses are getting involved, and it's having unusual effects on those industries.
  • Avaya Aura Experience Portal Pushing Omnichannel
    The face of customer service today is a far cry from just a few years ago, and over the course of this transformation two trends continue to rear their heads: Mobility and self-service. While there are many components to creating a successful omnichannel deployment, paramount to success is providing customers a seamless, contextual experience resulting in resolution. The face of customer service today is a far cry from just a few years ago, and over the course of this transformation two trends continue to rear their heads: Mobility and self-service. While there are many components to creating a successful omnichannel deployment, paramount to success is providing customers a seamless, contextual experience resulting in resolution.
  • Verint Systems Updates Telligent Community
    Verint Systems, a hardware manufacturer and developer of software for business security and intelligence, acquired Telligent in 2015. Since then, it has been working to update the Telligent Community collaboration software. This past week, it released a number of new features that address navigation and engagement on client-built social communities.
  • WFO Influence Grows as NICE Systems Claims Big Market Share
    With tighter budgets and leaner staffing, increasingly companies are finding they need to do more with less. That's why the area of workforce optimization (WFO) has taken on such prominence in the enterprise, and especially in call centers: everyone needs to maximize their staffing.
  • Customer Service Powerhouses Announce Critical Acquisition
    The acquisition is set to usher in a new era in customer service, where leading companies will join forces to provide the industry's first fully integrated cloud contact center solution suite.
  • Zendesk Lands Leaders Quadrant Status from Gartner for CRM
    Customer engagement is increasingly important for retailers, as online businesses offer more goods at lower prices than brick-and-mortar, and everyone's wallets are a little harder to open than ever.
  • 'Did You Get My Text?' Zendesk Helps You Say 'Yes'
    You can't argue with the numbers: A recent Harris Poll shows that some 77 percent of consumers (between the ages of 18 and 34) with texting capabilities are likely to have a "positive perception" of a company that offers text capability. Further, Forrester noted that the "pervasiveness and familiarity of text messaging make it an ideal channel to win, serve, and retain customers who require assistance from a contact center agent." That's a pretty good case for adding texting capabilities for your customers.
  • Large Telemedicine Provider Builds out Its Contact Center Network in the Cloud
    The idea of using video conferencing to bring remote patients and healthcare providers together is a compelling one: While most medical care still needs to be rendered in person, a significant portion of it can be virtual.

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  • Creating Accurate Forecasts in Enterprise Workforce Management
    Social networks have changed business. This goes without saying. But what social networks also have done is highlight the fundamental importance of the customer experience when it comes to product and brand marketing.
  • Top 10 Ways To Boost Contact Center Agent Performance
    This white paper touches on the ways your contact center can improve agent performance by using a call recording and quality monitoring solution. Improving agent performance has many benefits, including creating a healthy work environment, where teams of agents can collectively strive to achieve common goals. It also makes sense that improved agent performance will also yield an improved customer experience.
  • Benefits of Call Recording & Call Monitoring for a Call Center
    This white paper touches on the many benefits your call center will receive when choosing to implement a call recording and call monitoring system. Beyond compliance concerns, there are also quality assurance gains to be leveraged from your recorded calls. Your recordings become assets, an inventory of data from which you can find emerging trends, performance flaws, identify your team's superstars, and ultimately, maximize your center's opportunities creating an environment of stellar customer service.