Workforce Optimization Software Featured Articles

  • Work Smarter, Not Harder, in the Contact Center
    Those who work, and especially manage, in the contact center business are all too familiar with the problems and complaints inherent in that line of work: high stress, long hours and ungrateful callers are just a few of the myriad number of issues.
  • Increasingly Distributed Contact Centers Can Learn From Field Service Operations
    The fact that contact centers are increasingly distributed across the organization, the state, the country or even the world makes people management challenging at best.
  • Keep Your Call Center Workers by Keeping Them Engaged
    One of the major problems facing any business today is employee turnover, and no place shows more evidence of that than in call centers. Ask anyone involved in the hiring process, and they'll tell you that some centers have a nearly 100 percent turnover rate annually. It's a costly, vexing problem for many, but it doesn't have to be that way.
  • New Business Problem: Managing Contingent Workers
    The advent of mobility has added extra challenges to the task of workforce management, and that's the easy part; even more complicating than a mobile workforce is the rise of contingent labor within a company.
  • Three Steps to Complete Before WFO Software Implementation
    Employee engagement is a popular topic as companies throughout the world are examining ways to better motivate their teams.
  • Mystery: Why Do So Many Employee Engagement Programs Fail?
    It has been observed in recent years that despite the epic amounts of cash being spent on employee engagement programs, customer service still hasn't markedly improved across American industry.
  • Getting Started: The First Steps Toward Employee Engagement
    While discussions of employee engagement proliferate in the business press, urgency about the problem - about 70 percent of workers report not being engaged with their jobs - is hard to find.
  • A Focus on Hiring and Retention Enhances Value of Workforce Optimization Software
    Businesses face a number of different challenges when trying to reach their goals, including the ability to drive retention.
  • Employee Engagement Programs Need to Be Long on Action, Short on Rhetoric
    While studies about employee behavior are not unusual -- most companies need to pay attention to trends in employment in order to not get broadsided - Gallup's recent survey of employee engagement in the U.S. workforce threw even the most jaded human resources managers for a loop.
  • How Engagement and Collaboration Drive Value in Workforce Optimization Software
    Sales is hard and you have to talk to a lot of people before you can close a deal and get paid. Without internal teams backing you up, it is difficult to succeed.
  • Why Aren't Employee Engagement Investments Working?
    There are thousands of column inches written about the benefits of true employee engagement. Because one of these benefits includes increased revenue, U.S. companies are on a mission to attain employee engagement.
  • How to Make Workforce Optimization Software More than Just Another Implementation
    Many a company refers to its employees as a team, but not all are getting the name exactly right. The concept of a team is a group of people who are working together toward a common goal.
  • What Businesses Want vs. How They Show It
    Most businesses know that human capital is their most important asset. Yet, few have a strategic plan for how to hire and retain top talent. Recent research by Oxford Economics found that less than a third of the companies it surveyed had a strategic, enterprise-wide vision for the workforce they wanted to create.
  • Chat is a Valuable and Easily Measured Asset for Workforce Optimization
    Customer service has undergone a revolution in recent years, largely fueled by technology and driven by customer demands. Technology has made information and purchasing power available immediately, at customers' fingertips, and as a result, they are demanding more from their customer experiences.
  • Report: Companies Look to Improve Customer Service with WFO
    While it might seem like common sense to most companies operating in 2015, a new report issued last month by Frost and Sullivan underlines the need for companies to put more effort towards improving customer satisfaction, improving quality and cutting costs.
  • CSI Joins Forces with 3CLogic to Deepen Enterprise Customer Insight
    Capturing the voice of the customer (VoC) is essential to order to provide high quality customer service in business today. The information gleaned from contact center interactions with customers not only leads to a better understanding of common complaints and grievances, but also an improved sense of customer needs and trends that can be anticipated ahead of time, leading to a more proactive overall business model capable of achieving improved customer satisfaction and retention rates.
  • Corporate Communications Barking Up the Wrong Tree
    Is corporate communications suffering from too much top-down thinking? The answer seems to be yes it is too top-down in its thinking.
  • Five Ways Employee Learning is Changing
    The workplace is changing, as anyone with a smartphone has noticed. Business processes are transforming, the "office" environment is reinventing itself, and even the way coworkers relate to each other is shifting.
  • Data Analytics Key to Proper HR Investment and Workforce Optimization
    The myriad benefits of big data have long been touted and yet data analytics were not always accessible, affordable or practical for many organizations. But now a clear-cut link between analytics and workforce optimization and management has been defined, making use of big data a compelling and valuable proposition for many companies.
  • WFO Supports Remote Workforces and Innovation
    A strong, well-rounded workforce is often linked to increased innovation in the workplace, with more viewpoints being shared and used collaboratively to come up with new solutions and ideas. In the past, obstacles such as distance and family obligations may have kept the best candidates from being hired, but the rise in mobile and cloud technologies have given businesses the freedom to offer employees more remote work opportunities-thus expanding hiring pools and helping businesses ensure that the most qualified applicants can be brought into a team without hindrance.
  • Business Trends Favor WFO, According to New Report
    The workforce optimization (WFO) software market is doing well, but saturation in the market is expected to slow growth in the coming year.
  • Inexpensive Solutions for Improving Employee Engagement in the Contact Center
    Many companies today - if not most - are looking to improve employee engagement, at least on paper. There's good reason for this. Engaged employees are more passionate, more productive and more likely to stay. They earn companies money and customer goodwill. They use minimal sick time. In short, they simply cost less to employee than disengaged employees.
  • Most Companies Today are Underspending on Workforce Optimization
    What does it cost a company to recruit, hire, train and retain employees? It's not a secret that labor costs are most companies' number one expense - about 70 percent of all costs - but what may be surprising is that this figure is on the rise, and has been every year since 2005. Many companies are struggling to keep up, and the smart companies are taking steps to find efficiencies wherever they can, often with workforce optimization solutions.
  • Why Evaluation Matters in Workforce Optimization
    Optimizing the workforce is a great buzz phrase, but are you making the serious investments in this area to impact the bottom line? A number of companies like to claim they leverage workforce optimization, yet lack the tools and even the knowledge to effectively follow through. Those that do, however, are driving significant demand in the market.
  • Lessons Learned From Call Analytics
    We live in an electronic world with a generation that has become used to having everything they want, any time they want it, wherever they are. With that in mind, you would think that all that is required is a click on a button and you are done. Oddly enough, that is not the case.
  • Call Recording Shores Up Customer Service Efforts at the North Pole
    Coordinated Systems, Inc. (CSI) reports that its VO Community Workforce Management software has been successfully implemented by the North Pole to ensure the increasingly high demand for delivery accuracy is met through proven methods both before and on Christmas Eve. The call recording solutions provider is excited to help this very important operation meet demand.
  • Trends Show Rise of Cloud-based Call Recording, Quality Assurance Apps
    The workforce optimization (WFO) solutions market is starting to slow, according to a new report by DMG Consulting. The WFO market revenue is expected to grow by $81.9 million, from $638.4 million in the first half of 2013 to $720.3 million in the first half of 2014, according to the DMG report. This is a slowdown from previous years
  • Why Call Recording is Good for Going Mobile
    The concept of "going mobile" suggests increased flexibility for your workforce, but what does it mean when your customers demand the same? This is a question that must be answered by a number of different organizations throughout multiple industries as consumers are demanding mobile channels to conduct their business.
  • Collecting Data Doesn't Have to Be a Privacy Issue
    Whether you're manufacturing products or offering a service, in order to accurately run a business, you'll need to rely on some good old-fashioned numbers. Specifically the types of numbers you'll need come from a variety of sources, and the sources provide an overall picture of your business. Think: statistics.
  • Workforce Management Software Can Benefit from the Cloud
    The cloud model of software distribution is sweeping across the business world, and with good reason: software-as-a-service turns a capital expense into an operating expense, it offers reduced costs, and businesses can scale their software spend to just what is needed, adding more or using less as necessary.
  • Call Recording Helps Businesses Re-Focus on Customer Service
    Consumer data cited in the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) for the first three months of 2014 indicates that businesses need to pay more attention to that good-old fashioned standby of sustainable commerce: customer service.
  • Call Tracking Can Enhance Website Performance - Here's How
    Web optimization is a vital part of Web development and maintenance, but not all tools are created equal. It's commonplace to rely on choosing the right hosting service to keep assets separate, and minimize redirects, but did you know that call tracking can help with your website performance?
  • Smart Data Insights Drive Real-time, Contextual Contact
    Anyone who has used an online search engine, Web mail, a social network or registered for an e-commerce account is familiar with targeted communications: ads and other marketing messages are presented that are tied to the keywords one types in, or past purchases or behaviors. In a customer service scenario, real-time communications and technologies like call recording offer offers the ability to take this kind of contextual contact to the next level.
  • Technology Can Help Organizations Combat Time and Attendance Fraud
    Companies have always faced a problem when it comes to ensuring that employees are doing the work they were paid to do. The average employee today spends about a quarter of his or her day not working at all, and the Internet and mobile devices offer great distractions for employees committed to not working.
  • How Call Recording Can Help You Develop Your SWP
    What strategies have you developed for workforce planning? If this hasn't become a strong focus in your organization, you may find your employees at risk for flight to companies that do. The main goal is to focus on the talent that you have, engaging them in their roles and creating a culture that makes them excited to be a part of every day.
  • Call, Desktop Monitoring Can Help Manage Increasingly Mobile Employees
    The case for call and desktop monitoring software in the typical business is growing by the day. Employees are no longer in their cubicles all day long, which reduces the opportunity for managers to make sure their employees are staying productive and on-task.
  • How to Take Your Motivation Strategy Beyond Call Recording
    Are you able to say that gaming is a part of your work life? Unless you actually get paid to play on the clock, chances are the activity is frowned upon by those who cut the checks. When it comes to motivation, however, wouldn't it be fun if a little gaming were introduced into the mix?
  • CSI Extends Call Recording Capabilities with Workforce Optimization
    The technology in place in the contact center can separate the winning operation from those that do little more than provide an interaction point for the customer. While the latter is often a function of the contact center, it really should be the beginning of an initiative and not the end. The experience the customer has while interacting with the contact center often sets the tone for the perception of the brand and the likelihood that they will continue to do business with that brand.
  • Cloud-based Workforce Management Eliminates the Hassle of Paper and Repetition
    In the contact center of old, workforce management was once quite literally a full-time job. It was accomplished through a mix of spreadsheets (or graph paper, if you go back far enough), paper time sheets, notes about vacation request, calendars with notes scribbled and more. Managers needed to devote hours to examining historical call volume on old records to build schedules, and managing time-off and vacation requests alone was a gigantic headache.
  • How Integrated Call Recording Improves the Customer Experience
    The complete customer experience is one that could be different based on the company, the industry and the customer. With so many variables already playing into the situation, are you prepared to go to market and achieve this goal from day one? Have you taken into account the increasing changes in customer expectations and demands? Does the conversation alone make you nervous?
  • 5 Best Ways to Boost Agent Performance with Call Recording
    Agent performance is a common factor to consider in reporting for call center management. You want to hire the right people for the job, but the proof is on the calling floor. Even those with the right skills and qualifications can lose their way if leadership is lacking. Fortunately, there are ways to boost agent performance - you just have to be willing to put a few tools in place.
  • Good Customer Experience = Economic Success
    One bad customer experience can do a lot more damage to a business' success than you might think. While it's true, that nothing in this world is perfect, resting on your customer service laurels will only cost you the numbers on your bottom line. Getting a customer and keeping that customer are two separate beasts, and while a good goal to have is to increase the number of buyers for your product or service, your next best goal is to do your best to keep those buyers.
  • Banks are Using Voiceprinting Technology to Fight Against Fraudsters
    Call recording has been a common practice within the banking industry for years, but banks are now using the technology in a new way that may have some legal and privacy advocates concerned. Today, in order to fight bank fraud, banks are using new voiceprinting tools to record the biometric data provided by customers' voices.
  • How Call Recording Can Boost the Value of RPO
    Outsourcing is gaining much attention as of late, as companies recognize the value of paying an expert to do something they would rather not handle in house. From call center customer service support to IT to human resource (HR) management, companies are finding the benefits outweigh the risks when outsourcing is in the mix.
  • Report: Mobile Phone Recording Can Boost Profits
    Financial service organizations need to record and archive mobile phone calls under requirements by way of the Dodd Frank Act, and while that may seem like a hindrance to some, a new white paper from Ovum says that call recording can actually do good in terms of staying secure and getting a leg up on the competition.
  • Leveraging Employees' Soft Skills with Call Recording
    Hiring for the soft skills - it's a challenge in the contact center as those with the necessary talents to handle all variety of interactions may lack a few of the other characteristics that make for a quality agent. The multitasker may leave the positive attitude at home and the individual who knows how to calm even the angriest of customers may not have the flexibility necessary to adjust schedules as needed.
  • Public Sector Poised to Use More BPO for Services
    Business process outsourcing (BPO) is the kind of outsourcing where business operations and functions are sent out to a third-party service provider. It is divided between back office outsourcing, such as accounting, and front office outsourcing, which includes contact centers.
  • Call Recording Helps Speech Analytics Continue to Evolve
    The unified experience in the contact center is quite different today than it was just five years ago. Thanks to the acquisition of Aurix by Avaya in 2011, speech analytics became a part of the contact center and unified communications solutions offered by Avaya. With a number of companies adding call recording to the mix, being able to search archived recordings according to spoken text streamlines processes across the board.
  • Improved Customer Experience One of the Biggest Reasons for WFO, Study Finds
    Consumers have more choice than ever when it comes to the products and services they use thanks to the Internet. Through social media, consumers also are shaping the buying decisions of their peers more than ever. Both these trends place increasing importance on businesses delivering a good customer experience.
  • How Call Recording Can Benefit the BPO Partnership
    The activities that take place in the back-office often get ignored by the flashier side of the business. What tends to be forgotten, however, is this back-office is often the driving force behind revenue generation for the entire company. The activities that take place, known as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) when contracted with a third partner, could benefit from call recording.
  • Cloud-based Contact Center Services Offer Unique Opportunities for Vendors
    Organizations are looking for tightly integrated offerings, and the cloud offers an ideal solution for many enterprises. Cloud contact center vendors typically include common administration and reporting abilities in their solutions along with speedy upgrades and interoperability with a variety of other solutions. That means users may integrate their customer-related data with call recordings to better monitor their agents' performance as well as provide a better overall customer experience.
  • Call Recording: A Valuable Tool for Creating a Customer-Centric Culture
    One of the most common complaints heard around the world involves poor customer service or some type of negative customer interaction. It's a universal woe, and new research from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and SAP shows that a majority of organizations are falling short of the mark when it comes to listening to and responding effectively to their customers.
  • Interactive Monitoring of Outsourced Call Center Agents Offers a Host of Benefits
    Outsourced call centers can be a winning proposition for many companies, enabling a geographically dispersed workforce at a low price point. Monitoring and call recording in these types of contact centers is critical to maintaining quality control and ensuring customer service levels are being met. But monitoring serves several other important purposes that many businesses may not even be aware of when they are setting up systems and solutions.
  • A Strong Analytics Presence Benefits Every Department of an Organization
    Companies today spend a great deal of time and money to try and build customer loyalty. Whether they succeed or not depends greatly on how their loyalty programs are crafted, but it also depends a great deal on effectively monitoring those loyalty efforts to determine what's working and what isn't.
  • As More Small Businesses Move to VoIP, Call Recording Solutions Providers Must Respond
    While larger enterprises have for some time been moving toward replacing their traditional phone systems with voice over IP (VoIP) to save money and increase flexibility and feature sets, the trend has now taken the small business sector by storm. According to a recent report by software company Software Advice, small businesses are increasingly shifting toward VoIP solutions.
  • Vendors Need to Understand the Hybrid VAR
    We all know value-added resellers (VARs). With the rise of the cloud, however, many vendors and business may not be as familiar with hybrid VARs. These VARs are value-added resellers that have come of age in the cloud era and never actually sold a piece of hardware. They are strictly cloud-based, which is another way to say that they are strictly solution-oriented.
  • Call Recording Can Make Call Monitoring Work Better, More Efficiently
    Maintaining quality is critical in every aspect of a company's operation, but in few areas is it more important than in the call center. The reason is simple: It is often the initial customer "touch point"--that is, one of the first areas of a business with which a customer makes contact.
  • Healthcare Workforce Management Systems Market Likely to See Major Jump
    The global healthcare workforce management systems market is predicted to jump from $761.7 million at the end of this year to $1,453.8 million by 2019. MarketsandMarkets projects in a new report that the increase represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.8 percent between 2014 and 2019.
  • Growth in Global BPO Reflects Small Companies' Desire to Succeed Like Large Companies
    Nowadays, more and more companies are examining their internal processes and taking stock of what's worth their time and what's not. Functions such as software development and coding, call center services, back-office functions such as billing and accounting, research and development and many more operations are often a drain on a company's resources, both human and financial. This is probably why the global business process outsourcing industry (BPO) is booming.
  • Businesses Demonstrating Employee Growth Will Need Effective Workforce Optimization
    Survey results from Insperity Inc. reveal that more small businesses, despite a shaky economy, are looking to ramp up their employee numbers. While the number of respondents isn't groundbreaking (41 percent), this demonstrates better confidence than April's count (39 percent).
  • Hosted Call Center Providers Make it Easy to Integrate Call Recording
    With any business interaction, whether it be a customer service call or a first time call with a prospective client, it is vital to have a record of said conversation. Hosted call center providers keep records of all interactions with customers, especially call recordings-and they have slew of ways to do so.
  • Focus on Business Climate, Culture for Improved Customer Service
    One of the common problems for BPOs and large contact centers is that the divisions and departments can get so focused on their particular specialization or area of expertise that they forget the bigger picture, losing sight of the role they play in achieving high quality customer satisfaction. This lack of focus on the real priorities can lead to competition between departments, which might seem healthy, but ultimately results in expenditures of resources that do not coincide with improving the service for customers.
  • Why Call Recording is More Than Just a Customer Service Tool
    It's no secret that when departments work well together, the overall health of the company benefits. There are myriad tools to ensure that collaboration is consistent, and technology has certainly brought us into a new era of making things work. The obvious choices for productivity are online project management software solutions, collaboration applications, and even advanced telecommunications systems. So, when we think of call recording, would it be too far fetched of an idea to say that yes, it, too helps in departments beyond customer service?
  • The Dos and Don'ts of Quality Monitoring with Call Recording
    Quality is an important focus for companies wanting to set themselves apart from the competition. Whether you need to focus on the quality of your products, the quality of interactions or the quality of your service, the point is to understand the perception of the customer on the other end of the line. To do so, it's time to improve your call recording for quality monitoring.
  • Better Customer Service Through Your Website? You Bet
    The term "customer service" usually conjures up the image of a customer calling into a call center, dealing with an agent, and going about their merry way, but we're living in very different times today. Customer service is no longer exclusive to the telephone and call center agent. Nowadays, the customer experience is measured by all the ways in which businesses use today's technologies to offer help to those who patron their businesses.
  • Why Call Recording Can and Should Be Used Across All Platforms
    It's not new news that we live in the digital age. We no longer pen a letter or pick up our wired phones to talk to people and businesses. Nowadays, we have the privilege of using multiple platforms to reach out. In fact, 74 percent of customers now use at least three channels when interacting with an enterprise brand or organization for customer-related issues, according to a recent Ovum study of more than 8,000 consumers.
  • Workforce Optimization Essential for Hosted Contact Center Vendors
    Hosted contact center vendors today should provide customers with workforce management and optimization solution options.
  • Business Partners See Added Value with Call Recording App Integrations
    The world of call recording seems simple enough - the call center agent simply hits a button when the call begins to ensure all information is accurately captured. Even better, the technology is in place to automatically start recording when the call is connected. The call center captures the information it needs and the agent goes on to the next call.
  • Call Recording Can Improve Marketing for PBX Vendors
    While many have already taken advantage of the technology, there are still some PBX vendors out there that may not realize call recording solutions can improve their marketing campaigns.
  • Call Recording Offers Major Benefits for Hosted Contact Centers and Remote Workers
    The hosted contact center market is growing by leaps and bounds, driven by efficiencies, cost savings and the ability to support a geographically dispersed remote workforce. IDC put spending on hosted center services at $1.1 billion last year, and that number is expected to jump to $2 billion by 2018.
  • Why Call Recording is Not a One-Size-Fits-All Solution
    The use of call recording is a powerful tool to monitor activities, protect the organization in dispute resolution and train employees in the right way to handle processes. While it seems pretty cut and dry, each industry actually uses call recording in a different way, and it would behoove BPOs offering call recording services to keep this in mind. Within different industries, there are also specific needs, putting more focus on the reality that one size does not fit all.
  • Add Social Media to Call Recording to Get a Complete Picture of the Customer Experience
    Most contact centers are under a mandate to meet certain customer satisfaction expectations. Before you can meet expectations, however, you first need to measure them. (The old saying that "if you can't measure it, you can't manage it" applies here.) In the contact center, measuring customer satisfaction tends to be one more chore that managers have to do, so it often gets short-shrift, and far too many companies are assuming their customer satisfaction is far higher than it is.
  • 3 Ways Big Data Can Help Contact Center Outsourcers Drive Value
    The contact center has all the makings of a perfect source for big data, and contact center outsourcers are beginning to see the potential.
  • BPOs Can Measure Call Center Success with First Call Resolution
    One of the most commonly used metrics for contact center success, the average handle time (AHT), pays attention to the surface economics of the contact center. But it ignores the deeper purpose of the contact center and related measures of success-something business process outsourcers (BPOs) should be paying attention to, in order to improve the productivity of their services.
  • Beefing Up Contact Center Solutions: The Importance of Partnering
    As the centrality of contact centers to enhancing the customer experience continues to grow, if you are a solutions provider it is becoming increasingly apparent that having the right partners to fill out the toolkit needed to capture customer attention is critical.
  • How Teleservices Firms Benefit by Adding Voice Biometrics to Call Recording Initiatives
    If you could record all calls that come into your office, what would you do with that information? If you're working in the contact center environment, or you're a teleservices firm that supports those who do, this may already be happening so you can demonstrate compliance and advance your training efforts. But did you know call recording can lend value, especially when combined with voice biometrics as a service?
  • CRM and Call Recording Help Businesses Connect with Customers
    I was ready to quit Zipcar, the car rental service that lets customers borrow cars on an hourly basis. I just didn't use the service enough to warrant the annual fee, and I called with my mind made up to cancel the service.
  • 4 Ways Call Recording Optimizes Your BPO
    In the customer service arena, you would be hard pressed to find an organization that isn't monitoring calls for quality assurance or training purposes though third-party services. Some do it to keep internal performance high, while others do it to ensure compliance with industry regulations. Regardless of the motivation, have you explored how call recording can boost your organization and optimize your business process outsourcing (BPO)?
  • Teleservices Firms Benefit from the VoC Captured in Their Call Recordings
    In the teleservices sector, there has been talk about the importance of the customer voice. While some may assume it simply means the customer needs an opportunity to be heard, it actually means more than that. Yes, the customer wants to be heard, but teleservice companies need to realize just how much information is shared in that voice that can benefit their efforts to lead the market. With call recording in place, they can better capture that voice and that information.
  • Call Recording and Analytics Point the Way to Modern Workforce Assessment
    It is one thing to talk about behavior, or even to test it with a scorecard. It is another level entirely to capture actual interactions with call recording and use them for the purpose of evaluation; there's nothing like evaluating someone in the field.
  • How Call Recording Improves the Call Center Experience
    The idea of recording a call is not a new concept in the call center environment. Companies have relied on this method for years to ensure they were following the rules, capturing necessary information, verifying quality of the interaction and for training purposes. While all of these things are solid benefits, they only scratch the surface of what call recording is offering in this environment today.
  • Call Recording Has Role to Play in Improving Customer Experience
    Call recording benefits not only the business implementing it, but also the overall customer experience.
  • CSI Intros WFO as a Service with Better Options for Customers
    In call center culture, workforce optimization (WFO) is a common denominator across the board, encompassing all the necessary functionalities as an integrated contact center tool: call recording, quality monitoring, speech analytics, desktop analytics, an agent portal for e-learning as well as workforce management. Call centers need to properly forecast and schedule their staff while maintaining service levels and keeping costs in check. WFO, for its part, has come a long way with cloud computing technology now one of the biggest movers in the space.
  • Why You Need Call Recording in Your Workforce Management
    The dynamics within the contact center create opportunities and challenges for those involved. For some, answering the call to find a frustrated customer on the other end of the line is just the challenge they want on a busy day. For others, they want to try and figure out how best to juggle multiple requests across multiple channels. It's a juggling act that requires both workforce management and call recording.
  • How Can Call Recording Data Be Used Effectively?
    As anyone who's called into a contact center may know, call recording technology provides customers with an outlet to give feedback, both positive and negative, as well as a way to have it "on the record"-so to speak. By having this information recorded and stored, managers can analyze the data for future products, services and overall performance analytics. But how can this information be used effectively?
  • Contact Center Providers Should Offer Engagement at Both Ends of the Phone
    Engagement: It is a word that pundits are using a lot these days to describe the new way of doing business. Offering a product or service, and having employees clock in and out of work, is not enough. Customers need to interact with a brand, and employees need to be energized at work.
  • Help Your Contact Center Clients Gain the Most from Call Recording
    Contact centers all have the same goal; to ensure calls are handled swiftly, efficiently and in the best manner possible. The quicker and friendlier an agent can handle a call, the happier the customer will be, which means repeat business and a stellar reputation. Call recording vendors: are you selling this idea to your customers?
  • Why Cloud Vendors Must Offer Call Recording
    For those business leaders who have paid attention to the buzz of the last few years, cloud computing is a beneficial business strategy to streamline operations and cut costs. The challenge for some, however, is deciding what to migrate to the cloud and what to keep in-house. For those who have opted to embrace cloud communications, there's an opportunity to also incorporate call recording - as long as a vendor offers the feature.
  • CRM and Call Recording are Natural Partners
    Customer relations management software (CRM) is doing good business at the moment. The global CRM market is now worth $20.5 billion, according to Gartner, and the market share of the top five CRM vendors grew 9.9 percent year-over-year to reach $10.2 billion.
  • How Call Recording Helps You Avoid Playing Favorites
    We say we don't have favorites among our children, but the reality is there are some we like a little more than others on any given day. The same is true for the employee base. When employees recognize where your loyalties lie, however, they can quickly find the realization demoralizing. It doesn't mean you shouldn't recognize good work; it simply means you need to be doing it on an even playing field.
  • How Do Contact Centers Measure the Customer Experience?
    Feedback is essential to the success of any business, yet too many of call centers and hosted contact center vendors fail to ask for this valuable information. They get too bogged down with business as usual and forget to ask the opinions of those who matter most - the customers. At the end of the day, if these companies are not measuring the customer experience, how will we effectively drive future revenue?
  • CSI Offers Workforce Optimization in the Cloud
    For hosted contact center vendors, the cloud-based workforce optimization software provides a robust and scalable web-based solution that enables the ability to score calls or send targeted training material to staff easily. It also delivers screen capture and live screen and webcam monitoring, and offers the full suite of features that businesses have come to expect from the company.
  • Hone Customer Service with Call Recording, Lead Tracking
    Filling vacancies is one of the prime concerns for every self-storage manager. Self-storage is a profitable business when all storage units are full and money comes in each month, but empty units mean profit loss.
  • How Smartphones Changed Call Recording
    The consumer has gone mobile, adopting the smartphone in droves and demanding access to the latest in connected technology. We not only want to send a quick message, we also want to access calendars, send emails and even login to the corporate network on the go. For the call center, this means call recording has to take a look at newer technologies and what they mean for performance.
  • 4 Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid with Call Recording
    Treating the customer right is a task that should come easily, but it's more complicated that it appears. Answering the phone with a smile, providing prompt service and finishing the call with a happy customer all sound like a great outline to follow, but unexpected turns can pop up when the call is in progress. If you've found your staff making mistakes in creating this ideal experience, call recording can help you shore up your guidelines to produce better outcomes.
  • Pay-Per-Call Advertising Reaps Large Rewards When Used Correctly
    Many sales organizations today rely on heavily on the telephone for a number of reasons: to gain and qualify leads, to close sales, to gather data via call recording, to support existing customers and to win back old ones. Given that the telephone is so important to the prosperity of many businesses, it's not a wonder that more and more organizations are seeking to ensure their telephone usage is as cost-efficient and effective as possible.
  • Does Your Call Recording Go Mobile?
    The customer experience can mean different things to different people - which is part of the problem for many a call center. Without a clear understanding of what your customers want, how can you deliver the experience they expect? One of the best methods to improve your knowledge is to implement call recording.
  • Call Recording and the Evolution of Interaction Recording
    Contact centers have used call recording for years for various purposes and to various degrees. In decades past, call recording was used sparingly to capture a few interactions a year for each agent, so that agents could be coached and trained where there were weak spots, or rewarded for strong performance. Many managers used recording-on-demand to record problematic calls (though these recordings often began partway through the call).
  • Keep Standards High with Call Recording in the Contact Center
    I just got off the phone with my healthcare insurance provider-the third such call this week. While insurance often can be a frustration, what made it particularly aggravating was that I kept getting different answers to the same questions. What one agent told me on the phone was directly contradicted by the next.
  • Call Tracking, Like Call Recording, Can Uncover Answers to Common Business Questions
    Businesses thrive on their revenue streams, but the revenue doesn't just come from nowhere. If it's a service or a product, no matter what you do, your revenue counts on the customer.

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  • Creating Accurate Forecasts in Enterprise Workforce Management
    Social networks have changed business. This goes without saying. But what social networks also have done is highlight the fundamental importance of the customer experience when it comes to product and brand marketing.
  • Top 10 Ways To Boost Contact Center Agent Performance
    This white paper touches on the ways your contact center can improve agent performance by using a call recording and quality monitoring solution. Improving agent performance has many benefits, including creating a healthy work environment, where teams of agents can collectively strive to achieve common goals. It also makes sense that improved agent performance will also yield an improved customer experience.
  • Benefits of Call Recording & Call Monitoring for a Call Center
    This white paper touches on the many benefits your call center will receive when choosing to implement a call recording and call monitoring system. Beyond compliance concerns, there are also quality assurance gains to be leveraged from your recorded calls. Your recordings become assets, an inventory of data from which you can find emerging trends, performance flaws, identify your team's superstars, and ultimately, maximize your center's opportunities creating an environment of stellar customer service.