Workforce Optimization Software Articles

  • Best Processes Assure Optimal Work Efforts, Happy Customers
    Customer support excellence is a necessary goal. Customers are far less loyal than they once were, and they have many other options if a company doesn't please them.
  • Cisco Revolutionizes Employee Training with the Cloud
    While Cisco might be to networking what Microsoft is to desktop software, even Cisco can't resist moving to the cloud. That means retraining nearly 14,000 employees around the world, according to TechTarget's SearchFinancialApplications.
  • Contact Center Solutions Provider 3CLogic Lauded for Cloud Efforts
    The expansion of the cloud continues unabated, and those that are making the most of it are starting to get the recognition they deserve.
  • Workforce Optimization Gaining Market Share in the Enterprise
    With contact centers everywhere looking for an edge to stay ahead of competitors, every little bit helps. One area that is receiving increased scrutiny is workforce optimization (WFO), where employers endeavor to get the most out of their staffers while still keeping everyone motivated and on task. It's a fine balancing act but one that can pay big dividends when properly implemented.
  • Data Security Isn't Only for Customers
    As companies today embark on employee engagement and workforce optimization solutions, they're doing both their employees and their bottom lines a favor.
  • Workforce Optimization Helps Build Critical Flexibility into Contact Centers, Field Service Ops
    It's critical that contact centers use a broad workforce management and scheduling product to predict call volume based on analytics and call history and build a viable schedule that will meet these expected needs.
  • Latest WFO Trends Can Drive Better Employee Outcomes
    Company leaders these days are focused less on the basic health of their employees and more on their overall balance of work, life and health. Why does it matter?
  • Survey: Failing Employee Engagement May Be Internally Driven
    According to the results of the new survey, employee engagement activities may be more hype than results.
  • Employee Engagement Begins with 'Worker One'
    Achieving the Holy Grail of employee engagement, which is critical to success in business today (as multiple studies have proved), takes effort, and is often the result of great managers.
  • Modern WFM Solutions Lead to Savings, Efficiency
    The best schedule in the world isn't any use to an organization if the agents aren't sticking to their schedules. This is one area where modern workforce management solutions can help.
  • Workforce Management Needed to Keep Workers Engaged and Onboard
    A report last year from polling company Gallup showed that nearly 70 percent of American workers were not engaged with their work. In laymen's terms, it means most of them didn't care about their job or their company; just the paycheck.
  • IQNavigator, Genesys Form Partnership to Address Workforce Management Needs
    A study carried out by MBO Partners revealed contingent workers will make up 50 or more percent of the U.S. workforce by 2020.
  • Verint Researches Customers' Position on Brand Loyalty Across Nine Countries
    With assistance from Ovum, and analytic firm and research company Opinium, Verint Systems Inc. conducted a rather large study to find out what consumers need for companies to gain their trust.
  • Create Deeper Visibility into Customer Experience with VoC Solutions from NICE
    NICE Systems, an Israel-based company that specializes in telephone voice recording, data security and surveillance, recently released its latest version of NICE Fizzback.
  • How Bad Is Customer Service? Customers Are Sharing Hacks and Shortcuts Online
    Though companies today are aware of the perils of bad customer support, few of them seem properly equipped and trained to do anything about it.
  • Is Your Organization Making Common Mistakes with Customers?
    While today's companies spend a lot of time crowing about the excellence of their customer experience, far fewer are actually delivering, according to pretty much every customer poll taken in the last few years.
  • 3CLogic to Have Major Presence at ITEXPO
    Raj Sharma, 3CLogic President and COO, will address the range of benefits businesses can achieve by migrating to IP and cloud within the contact center business world during the upcoming ITEXPO.
  • Is Your Contact Center Up to Snuff? Survey Takes a Look
    For fully 39 percent of contact center leaders out there, the question "How are we doing?" is often met with a blank stare and a hearty shrug.
  • Want Happier Workers? Give Them the Info They Seek
    "The NPW survey validates the employee expectations we see in the payroll and HR technology industry," said Scott Scherr, President, CEO, and Founder of Ultimate Software. "People expect the ability to access and manage their pay, benefits, retirement information, and more - at any time and from any device."
  • Veridian to Offer Verint's Workforce Optimization and Speech Analytics Solutions
    Veridian Solutions, a provider of traditional and cloud-based contact center solutions, has launched a suite of workforce optimization and speech analytics solutions for its customers in Australia.
  • 3CLogic to Address TCPA Compliance at PACE Summit
    Since it was first enacted in 1991, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) has been protecting consumers from unsolicited phone calls, faxes and texts.
  • Five9 Announces Salesforce Omni-Channel Integration
    Cloud contact center software maker Five9 has announced its support of Salesforce and the Salesforce Omni-Channel and Lightning Experience.
  • Five9 Selected by Global Manufacturing Company to Power its 17 Contact Centers
    As a leading provider of cloud contact center software to enterprise organizations, Five9 delivers the uniformity and proven solutions call centers need to thrive with today's highly engaged consumer base.
  • Speech Analytics Brings New Power to PCCW Teleservices
    The field of speech analytics represents advancement to a goal that anyone who's ever worked in a call center can directly identify with: a quantifiable measure of how the customer on the other end of the line is feeling.
  • See the Light: Solar Energy Company Manages Workforce with New Provider
    Two technologies that are growing exponentially today are solar power and workforce management. So it's a no-brainer that the two should be combined for an effective, powerful solution to provide customer satisfaction, effective workforce management and a stronger ROI.
  • New ShoreTel Connect Designed to Boost Worker Collaboration
    ShoreTel, a leading provider of simple phone systems and unified communications solutions, has announced the rollout of ShoreTel Connect, a single platform and user interface that provides business communications from various platforms.
  • Infonetics Ranks SIP Trunking Providers
    Infonetics Research has announced its latest ranking of the top 10 SIP trunking providers in a new North American Service Provider Scorecard report.
  • It's Not Bad News: Enterprise Telephony Market on the Decline
    It's seldom good news to lead off with "the enterprise telephony market is set to shrink 20 percent," but a few important caveats turn that from a disaster into a significant opportunity.
  • Company Culture Matters, and Workforce Management Can Help
    When it comes to running a profitable, successful company, most metrics involve things like productivity, operational efficiency, margins and the like. But here's something else that matters, which affects all of these metrics and more: Company culture.
  • The Right Employees Provide Dependable Customer Service
    It seems that for a while now, customer relations have taken a back seat in terms of what organizations think is important. In fact, it has been said that customer relations are one of the top five challenges that organizations will face this year.
  • Marketers Need to Score and Record Calls
    At this point, we are all accustomed to hearing that familiar "In order to ensure quality care service, your call may be recorded," message at the beginning of almost every telephone transaction. Originally, calls were recorded to help train new employees and resolve any issues concerning misinformation.
  • Contact Center Agents Need a Boost? 'Supercharge' Them
    It happens in the best of companies: fatigue, burnout, giving up and giving in. But if you're talking about a contact center, the problem is magnified. Everyone knows being an agent is a stressful job to begin with. So when that "tired feeling" sets in, it might mean your workers have one foot out the door.
  • Workforce Management: A Force for Good on the Customer Journey
    Workforce optimization software can sometimes be seen as a catch-all phrase, but it really has a number of critical components which, when put together, can offer a myriad number of strong options for a company looking to succeed.
  • Managing 'Time' vs. 'Customer' in the Contact Center
    It's a conundrum that vexes contact center managers everywhere: Where do you draw the line between giving the caller their proper attention, while keeping the Average Handling Time (AHT) to a minimum?
  • Survey: Contact Centers, Others Automating Key Workforce Management Processes
    The PeopleMatter Institute has released the results of its fourth annual "How Hourly Workforces Work" survey, and it contained some interesting insights.
  • Workforce Management Looking Strong Down the Road
    Automated training processes will help lower costs and improve skills: "Automated training processes will also gain traction, as they lower costs and improve organizational skills," observed Lucille Needham at Genesys. "Such software will help identify the skills and profiles of top performers, so that training can be provided to lower performers."
  • Better the Customer Experience by Bettering Your Employees
    One of the biggest challenges facing all companies today - but especially those in the contact center industry - is how to fully satisfy customer expectations on first contact. There's a reason for the old saying, "You don't get a second chance to make a first impression." With so many choices and so much competition available to them, customers can be fickle indeed, and will drop you at the first sign of a perceived slight. So how can you assure that their experience with you is a good one?
  • The Truth Is Out There: Common WFM Myths Debunked
    In these days of recovery after a few years' worth of economic shocks, it's no surprise that companies are keeping a close eye on the bottom line. As such, there are ways to make sure everyone in the contact center is working at full capacity to ensure calls are answered in a timely manner, staffing levels are at peak when needed, and everyone is doing what they're supposed to be doing.
  • WFO Software Prominence Rising in the Contact Center
    Workforce Optimization Software, or WFO for short, has seen its role in the contact center expanding as more and more managers try to do more with less. It just makes sense that managing people and schedules more efficiently will result in a more profitable bottom line.
  • Bigger Role Seen for Workforce Optimization Software
    Workforce Optimization Software, or WFO for short, has seen its role in the workplace expanding as more and more managers try to do more with less. It just makes sense that managing people and schedules more efficiently will result in a more profitable bottom line.
  • Workforce Management Market: Growing Because It Works
    As the economy continues its rebound from recent lows, with increased staffing comes increased responsibilities. CFOs mindful of the economic slowdown and the toll it took, are carefully watching the bottom line to make sure they get the highest ROI out of every employee.
  • Cloud Contact Centers Add Power of WFO
    As the cloud becomes a much more integral part of the enterprise's everyday life, industry insiders are seeing the advantages and making their move. This was the case recently when contact center technology leader Coordinated Systems Inc. (CSI) integrated its flagship product, Virtual Observer, with leading cloud contact center providers to create a powerful new option for businesses everywhere.
  • Coordinated Systems Proves: Onsite Onboarding Proves Beneficial to New Customer
    Call centers have come a long way from the time when it was just a person at a desk, speaking on one call while those on 'hold' were indicated by a row of blinking lights on the operator's phone. Today's now-named 'contact centers' utilize multiple channels such as SMS, Web chat, social media and email to help callers, fix their problems and leave them with a good feeling about the interaction, instead of frustrated and angry.
  • Report: Workforce Optimization Software Coming into its Own
    The contact center market has seen its share of challenges in recent years, but it has been enjoying renewed expansion and growth along with the economy in general. Still, there are areas where this industry can use some help, and one technology helping move it forward is workforce optimization (WFO) software.
  • Keep Confidence Up by Engaging Remote Employees
    The trend of allowing employees to work remotely instead of in a fixed office has been gaining traction for some time now, and shows no signs of abating.
  • Gallup Poll: Worker 'Engagement' Remains Flat
    There is disturbing news out about the workforce, and it should be of some interest to those who manage call centers, where dissatisfaction can sometimes seem the norm: U.S. workers are not particularly engaged with their jobs.
  • WFO Continues to Evolve With Cloud, New Capabilities
    The cloud is impacting much of IT and the service provider world, and the contact center space and workforce optimization related to that are no exception.
  • Help Wanted? Workforce Optimization is a Good Start
    With the contact center market heating up, managers are looking for every edge they can get in hiring and - more importantly, retaining - good employees. One way they're doing so is by utilizing workforce management software effectively in their contact centers, much like the solutions offered by Coordinated Systems, Inc.
  • Findings: Employee Engagement Has Leveled Off
    Despite the best efforts of management to make a difference, workers across the board are generally, well, bored with their jobs, and don't see much reason to become engaged. That's the overall findings from a new report released by Aon Hewitt, and portends trouble ahead for those hoping to keep their current staff on board.
  • Manage Your Mobile and Remote Workers for Greater Success
    Today's technology is enabling a new generation of employees to work in ways their parents never imagined. Foremost among these is remote working, where one is no longer tethered to an office by a desk and hardwired phone. This has been a tremendous boon for businesses, among them call centers.
  • Research Finds Agent Apathy Leads to Poor Customer Service
    Liz Osborn, vice president, product and solution marketing at Five9, agreed with that assessment. "Agents have a critical role in the success of any call center. They must be provided with the best tools and solutions possible so that they can perform at their best," she noted.
  • Build Your Team by Building Enthusiasm
    Crazy work schedules and crazier customers can take a toll on all workers, but especially those who work in contact centers. It's normally considered a high-stress job, but if you factor in a feeling that management doesn't really care, you're setting up a recipe for disaster.
  • Why Workforce Optimization Matters in the Field
    How do you manage your employees that are out of sight? It's a common question for the individual managing field team members.
  • Workforce Optimization Contributes to No.1 Rankings for Global BPO
    They say "Seeing is Believing" but apparently 'listening' also ranks pretty high up there as well.
  • Improving Employee Engagement Means Altering Company Culture
    Many companies -including those with high-profile call centers -- have taken steps to improve employee engagement, and while they may have made small differences, few companies have ever managed to completely turn their employees' attitudes around.
  • In the Contact Center, Employee Engagement Begins with Manager Engagement
    According to a study by research group Gallup, disengaged workers cost the U.S. economy from $450 billion to $550 billion a year in lost productivity.
  • Study Shows Cloud of Rising Importance to Workers and Their Jobs
    In an update that portends bigger things to come, a new report shows that Europe's hyper-connected, increasingly mobile workforce has high expectations regarding the technology they should have access to at work, and the impact it could have on their performance.
  • Changing Contact Center Workers' Mindset for the Better
    With employee engagement becoming such a difficult prospect in the contact center - American workers in general are not engaged, contact center workers even less so - smart companies need to find ways to challenge their agents to do better.
  • Coordinated Systems, Inc. Joins Cloud Alliance Partner Program
    The newest member of the Cloud Alliance Partner Program is Coordinated Systems, which offers the Virtual Observer contact center solution for call monitoring, call recording, quality assurance and workforce optimization.
  • Workers Not Producing? Blame the Managers
    New research has uncovered what many disgruntled workers have felt for some time: it's management's fault.
  • Keep Your Employees Engaged, Keep Your Profits Up
    More engaged employees tend to add up to better customer service. This is particularly relevant information for call center workers and their managers.
  • How to Keep Your Employees Engaged
    Two of every three employees are disengaged, according to Gallup. That's too bad, because more engaged employees tend to add up to better customer service. That said, this is particularly relevant information for call center workers and their managers.
  • New Enhancements Rolled Out for WFO Product Suite
    A contact center workforce optimization (WFO) and analytics software developer has launched new enhancements for its WFO software.
  • Three Ways to Drive Agent Engagement
    One of the key factors in employee engagement is engaged management; Gallup found that management accounts for roughly 70 percent of the variance in engagement among companies.
  • Report Sees Contact Center Workforce Management Growing
    Workforce management (WFM) has been an indispensable tool for contact centers almost as long as there have been contact centers. Working with such a diverse, changing workforce, managers have needed help in balancing people and schedules to assure maximum ROI without burning out their staffers.
  • New Solution Helps Customers Transition to Service Subscriptions
    More and more companies now depend on service subscriptions and cloud-hosted contact centers for customer support because of the numerous advantages they offer.
  • Facebook Messenger to Change in a Big Way for Businesses
    It seems that calling into a call center these days is rather old hat. Customers today want to interact with the way that they're used to - through social channels, self-service options, like online chat, and yes, even messenger options.
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder, in the Contact Center
    Those who work, and especially manage, in the contact center business are all too familiar with the problems and complaints inherent in that line of work: high stress, long hours and ungrateful callers are just a few of the myriad number of issues.
  • Increasingly Distributed Contact Centers Can Learn From Field Service Operations
    The fact that contact centers are increasingly distributed across the organization, the state, the country or even the world makes people management challenging at best.
  • Keep Your Call Center Workers by Keeping Them Engaged
    One of the major problems facing any business today is employee turnover, and no place shows more evidence of that than in call centers. Ask anyone involved in the hiring process, and they'll tell you that some centers have a nearly 100 percent turnover rate annually. It's a costly, vexing problem for many, but it doesn't have to be that way.
  • New Business Problem: Managing Contingent Workers
    The advent of mobility has added extra challenges to the task of workforce management, and that's the easy part; even more complicating than a mobile workforce is the rise of contingent labor within a company.
  • Three Steps to Complete Before WFO Software Implementation
    Employee engagement is a popular topic as companies throughout the world are examining ways to better motivate their teams.
  • Mystery: Why Do So Many Employee Engagement Programs Fail?
    It has been observed in recent years that despite the epic amounts of cash being spent on employee engagement programs, customer service still hasn't markedly improved across American industry.
  • Getting Started: The First Steps Toward Employee Engagement
    While discussions of employee engagement proliferate in the business press, urgency about the problem - about 70 percent of workers report not being engaged with their jobs - is hard to find.
  • A Focus on Hiring and Retention Enhances Value of Workforce Optimization Software
    Businesses face a number of different challenges when trying to reach their goals, including the ability to drive retention.
  • Employee Engagement Programs Need to Be Long on Action, Short on Rhetoric
    While studies about employee behavior are not unusual -- most companies need to pay attention to trends in employment in order to not get broadsided - Gallup's recent survey of employee engagement in the U.S. workforce threw even the most jaded human resources managers for a loop.
  • How Engagement and Collaboration Drive Value in Workforce Optimization Software
    Sales is hard and you have to talk to a lot of people before you can close a deal and get paid. Without internal teams backing you up, it is difficult to succeed.
  • Why Aren't Employee Engagement Investments Working?
    There are thousands of column inches written about the benefits of true employee engagement. Because one of these benefits includes increased revenue, U.S. companies are on a mission to attain employee engagement.
  • How to Make Workforce Optimization Software More than Just Another Implementation
    Many a company refers to its employees as a team, but not all are getting the name exactly right. The concept of a team is a group of people who are working together toward a common goal.
  • What Businesses Want vs. How They Show It
    Most businesses know that human capital is their most important asset. Yet, few have a strategic plan for how to hire and retain top talent. Recent research by Oxford Economics found that less than a third of the companies it surveyed had a strategic, enterprise-wide vision for the workforce they wanted to create.
  • Chat is a Valuable and Easily Measured Asset for Workforce Optimization
    Customer service has undergone a revolution in recent years, largely fueled by technology and driven by customer demands. Technology has made information and purchasing power available immediately, at customers' fingertips, and as a result, they are demanding more from their customer experiences.
  • Report: Companies Look to Improve Customer Service with WFO
    While it might seem like common sense to most companies operating in 2015, a new report issued last month by Frost and Sullivan underlines the need for companies to put more effort towards improving customer satisfaction, improving quality and cutting costs.
  • CSI Joins Forces with 3CLogic to Deepen Enterprise Customer Insight
    Capturing the voice of the customer (VoC) is essential to order to provide high quality customer service in business today. The information gleaned from contact center interactions with customers not only leads to a better understanding of common complaints and grievances, but also an improved sense of customer needs and trends that can be anticipated ahead of time, leading to a more proactive overall business model capable of achieving improved customer satisfaction and retention rates.
  • Corporate Communications Barking Up the Wrong Tree
    Is corporate communications suffering from too much top-down thinking? The answer seems to be yes it is too top-down in its thinking.
  • Five Ways Employee Learning is Changing
    The workplace is changing, as anyone with a smartphone has noticed. Business processes are transforming, the "office" environment is reinventing itself, and even the way coworkers relate to each other is shifting.
  • Data Analytics Key to Proper HR Investment and Workforce Optimization
    The myriad benefits of big data have long been touted and yet data analytics were not always accessible, affordable or practical for many organizations. But now a clear-cut link between analytics and workforce optimization and management has been defined, making use of big data a compelling and valuable proposition for many companies.
  • WFO Supports Remote Workforces and Innovation
    A strong, well-rounded workforce is often linked to increased innovation in the workplace, with more viewpoints being shared and used collaboratively to come up with new solutions and ideas. In the past, obstacles such as distance and family obligations may have kept the best candidates from being hired, but the rise in mobile and cloud technologies have given businesses the freedom to offer employees more remote work opportunities-thus expanding hiring pools and helping businesses ensure that the most qualified applicants can be brought into a team without hindrance.
  • Business Trends Favor WFO, According to New Report
    The workforce optimization (WFO) software market is doing well, but saturation in the market is expected to slow growth in the coming year.
  • Inexpensive Solutions for Improving Employee Engagement in the Contact Center
    Many companies today - if not most - are looking to improve employee engagement, at least on paper. There's good reason for this. Engaged employees are more passionate, more productive and more likely to stay. They earn companies money and customer goodwill. They use minimal sick time. In short, they simply cost less to employee than disengaged employees.
  • Most Companies Today are Underspending on Workforce Optimization
    What does it cost a company to recruit, hire, train and retain employees? It's not a secret that labor costs are most companies' number one expense - about 70 percent of all costs - but what may be surprising is that this figure is on the rise, and has been every year since 2005. Many companies are struggling to keep up, and the smart companies are taking steps to find efficiencies wherever they can, often with workforce optimization solutions.
  • Why Evaluation Matters in Workforce Optimization
    Optimizing the workforce is a great buzz phrase, but are you making the serious investments in this area to impact the bottom line? A number of companies like to claim they leverage workforce optimization, yet lack the tools and even the knowledge to effectively follow through. Those that do, however, are driving significant demand in the market.
  • Lessons Learned From Call Analytics
    We live in an electronic world with a generation that has become used to having everything they want, any time they want it, wherever they are. With that in mind, you would think that all that is required is a click on a button and you are done. Oddly enough, that is not the case.
  • Call Recording Shores Up Customer Service Efforts at the North Pole
    Coordinated Systems, Inc. (CSI) reports that its VO Community Workforce Management software has been successfully implemented by the North Pole to ensure the increasingly high demand for delivery accuracy is met through proven methods both before and on Christmas Eve. The call recording solutions provider is excited to help this very important operation meet demand.
  • Trends Show Rise of Cloud-based Call Recording, Quality Assurance Apps
    The workforce optimization (WFO) solutions market is starting to slow, according to a new report by DMG Consulting. The WFO market revenue is expected to grow by $81.9 million, from $638.4 million in the first half of 2013 to $720.3 million in the first half of 2014, according to the DMG report. This is a slowdown from previous years
  • Why Call Recording is Good for Going Mobile
    The concept of "going mobile" suggests increased flexibility for your workforce, but what does it mean when your customers demand the same? This is a question that must be answered by a number of different organizations throughout multiple industries as consumers are demanding mobile channels to conduct their business.
  • Collecting Data Doesn't Have to Be a Privacy Issue
    Whether you're manufacturing products or offering a service, in order to accurately run a business, you'll need to rely on some good old-fashioned numbers. Specifically the types of numbers you'll need come from a variety of sources, and the sources provide an overall picture of your business. Think: statistics.
  • Workforce Management Software Can Benefit from the Cloud
    The cloud model of software distribution is sweeping across the business world, and with good reason: software-as-a-service turns a capital expense into an operating expense, it offers reduced costs, and businesses can scale their software spend to just what is needed, adding more or using less as necessary.
  • Call Recording Helps Businesses Re-Focus on Customer Service
    Consumer data cited in the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) for the first three months of 2014 indicates that businesses need to pay more attention to that good-old fashioned standby of sustainable commerce: customer service.
  • Call Tracking Can Enhance Website Performance - Here's How
    Web optimization is a vital part of Web development and maintenance, but not all tools are created equal. It's commonplace to rely on choosing the right hosting service to keep assets separate, and minimize redirects, but did you know that call tracking can help with your website performance?
  • Smart Data Insights Drive Real-time, Contextual Contact
    Anyone who has used an online search engine, Web mail, a social network or registered for an e-commerce account is familiar with targeted communications: ads and other marketing messages are presented that are tied to the keywords one types in, or past purchases or behaviors. In a customer service scenario, real-time communications and technologies like call recording offer offers the ability to take this kind of contextual contact to the next level.

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  • Creating Accurate Forecasts in Enterprise Workforce Management
    Social networks have changed business. This goes without saying. But what social networks also have done is highlight the fundamental importance of the customer experience when it comes to product and brand marketing.
  • Top 10 Ways To Boost Contact Center Agent Performance
    This white paper touches on the ways your contact center can improve agent performance by using a call recording and quality monitoring solution. Improving agent performance has many benefits, including creating a healthy work environment, where teams of agents can collectively strive to achieve common goals. It also makes sense that improved agent performance will also yield an improved customer experience.
  • Benefits of Call Recording & Call Monitoring for a Call Center
    This white paper touches on the many benefits your call center will receive when choosing to implement a call recording and call monitoring system. Beyond compliance concerns, there are also quality assurance gains to be leveraged from your recorded calls. Your recordings become assets, an inventory of data from which you can find emerging trends, performance flaws, identify your team's superstars, and ultimately, maximize your center's opportunities creating an environment of stellar customer service.